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Hi All! I’m Lisa from My Little Buffalo and I am thrilled to be a guest poster on Sandy A La Mode while she is off with her wee one! I also had a wee one not too long ago in September, and at three months into this thing I am learning that life still goes on, even though you just want to sit on your couch and snuggle all day long eating three bags of potato chips in one sitting.

So when I received this picture the other day in my inbox, one that was taking at a training recently and will go in many publications that my church is putting out, I realized…this is just where I am at right now. There is nothing I can do about it, and its okay. People who have 3 month old daughters do not have the privilege to look glamorous for photo shoots. So instead of being upset, I dissected the picture. So viola, soak in this not so amazing picture of me, its okay to laugh. I am too, and I am feeling all the more blessed because of it.

Any other new mommies out there with spit up in their hair? I hope so…


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  1. How funny! I can only imagine how well I’ll be able to relate to this when I’m a mom. I’ll be sure that I’m enjoying my free time while it lasts. ;)

    xoxo, ashley

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