Back To Work…

Blouse: Modcloth | Skirt: Forever 21 | Belt: Target | Blazer: Amelia’s Boutique | Earrings: This Enchanted Pixie | Shoes: Off Broadway

12 weeks have gone by WAY too fast.

Today is the day I go back to work… for those of you who don’t know, I work as a Consultant/Team Lead at a Healthcare IT company.  I travel the world going from hospital to hospital trying to help the Lab go paperless and manage a few associates as well.  :D  However, with my new duties of being a Mom, hopefully my travels won’t be as crazy as they used to be.  It’ll be quite the change being away from my little munchkin for 9+ hours, let alone Monday – Thursday.

In the first few weeks of maternity leave, I obviously needed the time to recover from just having given birth.  But I have to be honest, by 6 weeks or so, I was ready to go back to work.  Caring for a baby is not all sunshine, puppies and rainbows, I tell ya.  It requires a lot of attention and is HARD WORK.  Days are filled with feedings, changing diapers, crying, and lack of sleep.  It’s especially tough when you are trying to figure out the little guy’s cries and when he has growth spurts.  But most recently, things have turned for the better and I mean A LOT better, and I don’t know how many people have said to me but it’s true, THINGS DO GET BETTER!  The cries are easier to decipher, we’ve created a pretty great routine, he sleeps 5-7 hours at night, and we know how to make him smile/laugh (and no, it’s not gas anymore)!  But really, it’s the smiles and laughs that make it all worth it… to see him every minute, every hour.  :)  Oh how I’m going to miss him so.

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Have any tips for making it easier to go back?

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  1. Hope your first day back isn’t too tough! And as hard as it is, Baby A will be waiting for you when you get home :)


  2. Aw, Sandy….I hope today goes well. I always tell other moms, that in my opinion, it goes downhill (easier) after the newborn stage. Other things are hard, but at least you’re not as sleep deprived.

    I love the pop of color on the belt…it makes your outfit!


  3. Already?! That’s a great outfit to kick off the first day in. Good luck!

    Being a new mom is filled with triumphs and challenges, but it does definitely get easier. You learn to let the small things go and know that you can’t foresee or fix everything. So worth the joy though!

  4. Love that outfit! Glad to hear Austin is sleeping several hours through the night. Isn’t it funny how everyone says “it will get better” and while going through it, it doesn’t seem possible. I rejoiced when Noah finally slept through the night. It’s amazing…as soon as it hits 10-11pm he is out and we can just lay him in his crib for the night! Good luck back to work!

  5. you had a long maternity leave!! 12weeks, jealous!! i only had 6 weeks and I know what you mean about happy to be back at work. Although it was tough leaving your baby, it’s nice to get ready and put make up on..and talk to adults :D

  6. It’s hard going back to work. I remember my first day back! Glad you are enjoying being back! I’m sure you’ll be refreshed once you get back to the little bebe in the evenings! Good luck!

  7. You’ll be stylin’ at work! Is it silly that I’m already dreading going back to work and I’m only 6 months pregnant!? HAHA

  8. your outfit is so gorgeous! you are awesome, friend. i’m proud of you. keep me posted on how you’re feeling about going back. i just wasn’t strong enough, i guess.
    but now that the kids are 3 1/2 and almost 2, sometimes i want a couple days OFF.

  9. Aww! Bittersweet being away from your little nugget but I can only imagine how hard it is taking care of him as well! I know all the moms I work with say that sometimes being at work is a break – oy vey! :)

    Despite all that, you look lovely as ever! I so, so need a pair of nude pumps like this – these look great!

  10. wow – back to work already? that was fast. I totally agree with how hard it is to be hard to take care of a newborn, but I missed them so when I had to go back to work! My youngest is turning 5 soon and I am starting to miss the baby smell, not sure if that is a good thing or not =)

  11. such a beautiful and lovely look! :) i LOVE your belt!!! neon belts are the best :D

  12. great outfit to head back to work in! (I have that skirt, and you have inspired me as to how to “wear” it!) and it seems like you’re transitioning into motherhood and what not, so sweetly :)

  13. Wow that did go by fast!! I hope you had a good day back at work. I saw your tweet earlier about leaving early, that’s great! You look beautiful, I am in love with this outfit. The color of your skirt is amazing.

  14. Aww I can’t imagine leaving a little one at home after being home with him 24hours/day!! I’m sure the first few days will be tough, but hopefully it will get easier for you and the little bambino.
    Beautiful outfit from head to toe!

  15. Unfortunately I do not have any tips… But, you look GREAT! and the skirt is simply fantastic! I hope you can manage work / motherhood well and that your travel schedule will not be as busy at it used to be! Great blog :)

  16. You look great! This outfit is so inspiring and artistic. Hoping that your first day and week back at work will be fantastic, and easy to get into the swing of things. Love the belt.

  17. Thanks for visiting my blog & commenting! I’m sure you can handle both work and taking care of a baby :)

    Btw, I can’t seem to follow you by goggle connect?

    Visit my blog again if you have time *HUUGG*

  18. You are so cute!! Newborns really break you in quickly to the selflessness that is parenthood:) I wonder how much is harder because of our physical and emotional state after something as traumatic as labor and growing a human. Lack of sleep sure doesnt help. You will feel better and more yourself a little more each day over the next few months (or year:)

  19. good luck going back to work!! you look beautiful! I love the blazer and skirt!! Hope everything goes well and the transition is easy!

  20. i love love love this skirt!! i saw it at f21 downtown last week and they were all out of my size :( It looks fabulous on you, though! love the way you paired it with the blazer.

  21. Your outfit posts always make me so jealous that I have to wear a very strict uniform to work! Some days it is nice to just put on one of the five identical work tops that I have and be on my way, but it also means that I only have two days a week to dress how I want!

  22. I love your blog! Thank you for your lovely comments. Congrats on having a little one and getting back to work, I can only imagine how tough it is to juggle everything but you are proof that a woman can be successful and a great mom at the same time! Love your outfits, the way you write and your photos. I’ll definitely be back frequently! xo

  23. I had decided to stay-at-home all along & I remember at 6-8 weeks thinking work seemed pretty nice, but you are right…things get easier! It’s so nice to be able to decipher most of her cries & watch her giggle. I am so glad everyone was right!! :)

  24. I was about to say good luck, but I’m a few days behind, so instead, I hope it went well love. You look great too, I adore your skirt!

  25. Amen, newborns are tough! We had it rough too. I stayed home about 3 months, and secretly enjoyed the relief of going to work. Now that we’re all a little older and wiser, I do miss him a lot but I know he’s well taken care of in daycare. Cute work outfit!

  26. What a GORGEOUS outfit!! You definitely returned to work in style!

    P.S. my hubby has a conference in Kansas City in the fall and I will most likely be joining him :)

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