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I’d like to introduce you to my sponsor, Having a Hallelujah Good Time, it’s a lifestyle blog owned by one amazing mama of 5.  One baby is hard enough as it is, I can’t imagine having to raise 4 more, serious props to her.  Kathy’s blog is real, honest, sincere, and talks about the ups and downs of family life.  She also runs a Tupperware store that has all sorts of kitchen goodies and you can win some right here, right now… read on to see how!


1) Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you blog about.
More about me? I am Kathy. I’ll be 40 in less than a month and have 5 children: 2 boys 15 and 13, one daughter 11, and two more boys 5 and 3. We have always homeschooled and do a lot of cool things but none of them exceptionally well. I started blogging to encourage others whose homes dont look like show rooms, every meal isn’t magazine worthy and have real children who act like children. I want to encourage the rest of us to celebrate in the midst of it all and not to wait until it is perfect. You dont have to be “that mom” to have something to say or an occasion to celebrate.

2) What is your favorite thing about blogging?
I blog about life in general, some of our financial struggles (I had cancer while my husband was out of work for 3 years) where to find good deals, my son’s Scleroderma. I’m kind of all over the place but would really love to serve others through my blog 🙂

3) What are you looking forward to doing this Spring?
I am getting really excited about Spring. We have a lot of birthdays coming up and the flowers are teasing to come out. We have a gorgeous outside fireplace and BBQ and this needs to be the year we use it until we can’t stand the sight of it.

4) What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
My favorite ice cream flavor? I am lactose intolerant and probably shouldn’t eat ice cream so when I do it needs to be really worth it. Something rich and over the top like chocolate, chocolate with chunks of brownie. This actually happens more than you’d expect 😉


Win $80 worth of Tupperware products!

2 small fridge smarts ($15 each)
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  ice cream scoop ($29)

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