Winter Looks I’m Crushing On

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Ironically, it’s about to be really warm at the end of this week, but we all know that it can’t stay like that forever.  I never was a fan of the cold, snowy weather (even though I grew up in Michigan and dealt with it for practically 6 months out a year) but one thing I do love about it is cold weather fashions.  Layering, chunky knits, booties, long tunics and jackets, faux fur, and accessories.  Here’s a few inspiring outfits to brighten up a dreary Winter day!








Looking at these pictures just makes me want to spend hours in my closet, playing with different outfits.

What’s your favorite way to dress for the Winter?

Apparently, I really love the long shirt/dress/coat, tights, and booties look.

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  1. I love what OP is wearing. I always though that leather leggings/pants should be skin tight but she’s kind of rocking these loose fit ones. Oh and happy birthday to your little man, I love the theme of your dessert table.

    xx Jenee C.
    {camo meets couture}

  2. The second & fourth ones are my favorite! I’m all about adding more skirts/dresses and finding as many chunky knits as possible! (sweaters, dresses, scarfs, hats…love em all!)

  3. I love all of these!! I have a couple of them pinned already, but I’m going to pin the rest, haha. Thanks for the great inspiration!

    In winter, I LOVE layers, scarves, and chunky sweaters. Lately I’ve also really liked tights with dresses, but it hasn’t all that cold here, so it’s actually doable.

  4. I’m loving the boots in all of them, and the subtle, muted, colors that seem to pop on wintery landscapes.

  5. I think when this pregnancy is over I need to really find my sense of style! My summer, winter, spring and fall wardrobes are all the same (hangs head in shame)

  6. Seriously loving elements of each of these outfits! I’m also a little jealous of the people who have great winter snow to take photos in. It’s just gray and gross by me lately. I would so rock look #2, if the sweater dress was a little longer. – Katy

  7. I love the second photo! I feel the same way about cold weather but loving the fashions.
    I love hats and head wraps. Riding boots with tall socks. So many scarves!

  8. Ah!! All of those outfits are SO cute!! I especially love tights – they make what could be a Spring/Summer outfit totally wearable for winter :)

    Today, I saw a girl with a green parka and leopard print fur lining the inside – I nearly died :)

  9. These slouchy layered looks are some of my favourites. I looooove the knee socks and lace up boots.

    <3 Cambria

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