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Blouse: Forever 21 | Pants: Forever 21 | Oxfords: Don’t Remember | Necklace: LOFT (Giveaway win on For Lauren and Lauren from Head to Toe Chic) | Belt: Target | Bag: Chanel

All throughout high school and college, I loved buying handbags.  However, I never really had enough money to buy real deal designer bags.  I got a HUGE thrill from bargaining in the Taiwan night markets and in New York City Chinatown for the “close to reals” or knockoffs.  One of my friends and I got it down to a real strategy, where we pretended we weren’t really THAT interested in the bag, said that other vendors sold their bags for cheaper, walked away so that the sellers would come chase us down again to lower their price, we did it all and we were good.  The most expensive bags I ever bought for myself were Coach bags.

For my bachelorette party a few years ago, my sister-in-law bought me my first black/white Burberry bag and I was ecstatic and later on bought me a pink one too.  And since then, I’ve gotten many bags as gifts and bought a few for myself.  I’d like to own a bag in every color, is that too much to ask?  It’s like owning a pair of colored skinnies or striped shirt in every color too, not too crazy of a want.  ;)

But anyhow, today I’d like to introduce you to my newest designer handbag, given to me by my AMAZING mom for an early 30th birthday present (really early, isn’t she amazing)?  The medium sized Chanel classic flap in black caviar with gold hardware.  Isn’t she gorgeous?  I’m so scared to take her out of her dust bag in fear that she’ll get ruined haha.  But I know I need to get over it and start using her more often, because what good would a handbag do if it sat in its dustbag all day?

Oh and by the way, this outfit was inspired by Two Birds Inspiration Monday picture of Lauren Conrad!

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  1. I love this white and ox blood combo on you, it looks so great with your hair. How exciting about you handbag. I’m a Coach fan, but that’s as designer as I get :)

  2. Hey there! Lovely to meet you. I popped over via the Two birds linkie! You look great in this white shirt and trousers combo! The new handbag is nice, what a thoughtful present! I’ve never been into designer handbags myself but I love seeing them on other people!!

  3. Such a classic stunning look – I love the red and your necklace completely ties everything together! You look wonderful, I love it!

  4. I used to do the same thing. I went to college in NYC and while I didn’t go down to Chinatown to do my shopping the sellers in Midtown got repeat business from me. Though my favorite purchase was not in the US at all but the Ladies Market in Hong Kong. I got two (out the back door supposed to be destroyed) Juicy Bags. One I still have and one I used until it was destroyed. I have a few real bags but I prefer using fake ones because I am not exactly easy on them.
    The Chanel bag your mom got you is perfect though and I would love it too!

  5. Awww happy early 30!! Your mom is so sweet to get you your Chanel! I love it! I was torn between the medium and Jumbo and ended up getting the Jumbo (thanks to hubby) and I love it! But I’m the same way as you… I’m too scared to take it out all the time. I only take it out on some occasions or when it’s not raining. And since I live in Seattle.. that’s a lot of rain so it’s rare when it gets to see the daylight. haha.. I’m just protective over my purses. ;)

    xo – Sheila

  6. You totally nailed the look. I love that you wore burgundy pants! And that bag is gorgeous! What an awesome mom you have :) I’ve yet to really get into the handbag thing, I guess im more of a shoe girl.

  7. Lucky lady! I started a special savings account on my 25th birthday and put $25 in it every paycheck. I’ll have enough on my 30th birthday to walk into chanel and buy one. i’m already excited :)

  8. Ahhh I’m the same way! I grew up such a purse girl, and was obsesseddd with going to Canal Street in New York to find knockoffs. I was so proud of myself when I got my first real job and could afford to buy an actual designer bag on my own :) Love love love your new Chanel, it’s such a classic!

  9. AMAZING. My mom gifted me a Chanel bag years about 5 years ago. I don’t show it off on the blog too much, but it is still my baby. I just sit there and admire it sometimes haha :)

  10. What a lovely gesture from your mom!!!! How did she know what you wanted? I know there are so many combinations of size, leather, and hardware. Nevertheless, it’s gorgeous! So chic and timeless, of course.

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