Checkers and Cap Toe







Blouse: Frankly Basic | Sweater: Forever 21 | Jeans: Lee Jeans | Shoes: J.Crew (bought for only $35 from Her Majesty) | Bag: Urban Outfitters | Necklace: Target

Can I just point out once again that my J.Crew shoes were only $35?!  With the retail value being $248… this is the best steal I’ve gotten in a long long time — that’s like 85% off!!  I picked them up at a local designer consignment shop and I couldn’t be happier about this purchase.  They are practically new, are right on trend, and are in the colors of the year/season (emerald + mint)!  And I just happened to be wearing an outfit that day that worked perfectly with these shoes… so I was SOLD!  I can’t really explain the excitement that ran through my body as I purchased these shoes, but let’s just say I’m already back  on a mad hunt for another great deal like this.  Oh yea, and the weather has FINALLY decided to warm up (we had a snow scare yesterday) so we can finally say hello to Spring!

What’s the best deal you’ve ever gotten on something new?

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  1. Congrats on finding a fabulous deal on those dreamy shoes!!! I think my best deal (that I can remember) was also related to J.Crew. As an employee I get a discount, even on top of discounted sale items. A few months ago I scored a cute plaid dress for $20ish and the original price was $320. Crazy, right?!

  2. Great steal on the shoes! It almost feels wrong to not indulge with deals like that and these are very pretty. I love all the colors of this outfit. The plaid collar popping out is a great touch!

  3. OKay… so I totally cheated on my no shopping for a year initiative when I saw this Kate Spade dress on sale for 60% off. Then I got an extra 25% off from Saks friends and family. I couldn’t pass it up. OH THE GUILT… but the dress is SO PRETTY! *sigh* I’m too weak. ah well..


  4. awesome deal!! you cuffed your jeans perfectly to show off the shoes :) such a cute outfit with all the spring colors!


  5. I think some of my Guess? shoes which I’ve got was a really good deal. Like it range from $20-$30 during a sale. I think I bought like 6-7 pairs at one go =D
    I like your green heels. I’ve not seen many wearing a green pair of heels yet and you definitely pulled it off well.

  6. I love those shoes! It’s so fun to see cap toes in great color combos like this. I can’t believe the were only $35! Good deal!

  7. 1st: your heels are fabulous – love the two tone. 2nd: those jeans fit you perfectly and you look great! And 3rd: I adore the color of your sweater – it’s so energetic! And your blouse underneath matches perfectly. Great styling job here!

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