Shop My Closet – Instagram Auction Style


I was busy over this Memorial Weekend getting prepped for my newest Shop My Closet auction sale!  I had started a shop my closet a few months ago on Smashion, and although made a few sales, didn’t think I had much luck with it… and the site happens to be closing down as well.  Well, I still have a ton of clothes that a) I haven’t worn (my husband is shaking his head at this one) b) don’t fit me as well anymore c) are too small or too big d) I would love it if they were re-loved again.  Thanks for @shopblairita and @shopohsweetjoy who have given me advice about how to run my first IG sale, I hope this is a successful one and I hope YOU can get some new goodies.  :)

Here are the important details:

*sale will start TONIGHT Tuesday 5/28
*all items will be listed on @shopsandyalamode (come follow me there now!)
*i will list a starting price, please comment with your bid price + paypal email address – highest bid by Friday 5/31 at 11:59pm CST wins and i will send you a paypal invoice
*list prices will not include shipping.  shipping fee is $10 for shoes, $5 for clothing/accessories/anything else; if buying multiples, will charge $1 shipping for each additional item
*shoes may or may not come in a shoebox, i don’t generally keep them around
*you must pay within 48 hours of being invoiced
*items will be shipped USPS within 1-3 business days after payment, only doing US shipments for now
*i am not responsible for lost items

I think that about covers it!  And I am hoping that this will be the first of many sales I have – planning to post about 10-20 items every month or two?  We’ll see.

Make sure to come follow me on @sandyalamode for updates and @shopsandyalamode so you can get in on the shopping and bidding action! :) Happy shopping!!  If you have any questions about items, please feel free to email me at sandyalamode(at)gmail(dot)com!


  1. It’s very possible that I’m going to have to steal this idea from you. I have such a ridiculous amount of things I need to get rid of. Good luck with your sales!

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