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California Dreamin’

posted: 12.26.12 | 18 comments

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas (for those of you who celebrate it)!  We definitely had a busy and super fun day for Austin’s very first Christmas.  We’re in California celebrating with my family and my heart is full!  But as you know, I’m notorious for posting my photos way later, so for today’s [...]

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Happy 1st Birthday, Joy!

posted: 08.30.12 | 30 comments

Just wanted to dedicate this post to my one and only niece, Joy, on her 1st birthday!  Dearest Joy, One year ago today, I just happened to be in California for work.  I was with my coworkers playing Bocce ball on the beach when I got the message you were born!  Little did you (or [...]

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It’s The Little Things

posted: 10.06.11 | 26 comments

Another week of being at home (and not traveling) has gone by and I must say it’s been a busy one, especially at work!  I love Fridays since it’s always a new baby milestone too… we’re at 29 weeks today and OMG, 30 weeks sounds SO close to being in labor already HA.  But I [...]

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I Love Our Growing Family!

posted: 09.07.11 | 35 comments

There really couldn’t be a more exciting time for my family right now!  As I mentioned earlier, my niece was born last week and Marvin and I flew to California to surprise the unsuspecting parents (my brother and SIL).  Of course YOU KNOW I couldn’t have gone this trip without my trusty camera.  Welcome to [...]

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A Fresh New Look!

posted: 09.05.11 | 40 comments

Hey all!  Hope you are having an amazing Labor Day weekend, we sure are!  This past week I flew to California for a business trip and my niece just HAPPENED to be born on the day that I arrived!  I surprised my brother/sister-in-law at the hospital and their faces were priceless when I showed up [...]

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