Have you heard of the Young Me / Now Me photo contest on zefrank.com?  I first discovered it through Photojojo, one of my favorite websites to go for photography tips, tricks, and camera goodies to buy, and thought it was a fabulous idea!  Young Me / Now Me is a contest where you find a picture of yourself when you were younger and try to mimic it as closely as possible many years later!  Give yourself a few hours and click on over to laugh your way through some hilarious photo pairings!   A few weeks ago when my dad came to visit me, we attempted our own Young Me / Now Me (actually, it was just an excuse to eat ice cream)!  😉

“I’ve always been a big fan of sweets and ice cream and as far as I can tell, I know exactly where I get it from.  The Young Me picture was taken at a local park near our house in Michigan.  This past Mother’s Day weekend, my parents came to visit me and the Now Me picture was taken at a local park near my house in Missouri.  The ice cream tasted just as good.  My dad still wears the same pants, watch, and short sleeve plaid t-shirts.  I must say, as cute as my outfit was back then, I just couldn’t pull off the socks and shoes look now.”

Thanks Dad for being such a good sport, love you!  And how perfect that I saved this post for Father’s Day (week)!  Now I challenge you all to find an old photo and recreate it!  I just know you will have as much fun with it as we did!  🙂