Hey friends!  I’m back again linking up to a {little} dash of ash’s camera phone link up party!  Another weekend has passed and we’re definitely closer to being all unpacked.  This past Saturday we unpacked ALL of our kitchen boxes and finished up the clothes, making progress folks, making progress.  🙂  I can’t wait to share pictures of the house with you later this week!  But for now, I thought I’d share a few photos taken with Retro Camera on my Android phone.  And btw, Easy Tether is the best app ever.  You can get internet on your computer through your phone from anywhere where your phone has service.  We still have 2 more weeks until we get internet/cable service at our house and Easy Tether has been a LIFE SAVER!  I mean… imagine not having internet at home for 3 weeks… it would be pretty brutal.

On the left are some chocolate chip cookies that a neighbor brought over to our house t welcome us into the cul de sac.  So sweet!  And on the right, is a deep dish pizza we got from a local joint called The Dish, so big and so good!

A few weeks ago my FIL introduced me to eating avocados on bagels, and boy was it good.  It might be my new favorite (garden vegetable topping was the previous winner).  And on the right, is some almond jello with fruit cocktail I made… because I was craving it.  🙂

On Sunday, a couple friends and I hit up a Sunday brunch at a place called The Well.  Let’s just said I fed baby REALLY well.

And lastly, Marvin wanted to share his camera phone photos from this week too.  He was in Denver for a business trip this past week and look what the house keeper made for him on his bed?  This reminded us when they did this every night on our cruise… oh how nice it would be to be cruising again…

So yea, it’s not any surprise that this past week was full of food, is it?  Baby needs to grow, right?  😉