Dear Austin,

This past week you hit two milestones: nine weeks old and two months old!  It’s funny, sometimes Daddy and I think to ourselves, “Oh my gosh, you are growing up so fast!” but then other days it feels like two months has been two years.  In terms of eating, you are still pretty much on the same schedule as before, eating 4-5 oz every 4 hours or so.  Lately, you’ve been liking to cluster feed between 4-7PM where you’ll eat 1-2 oz every hour or so within that time frame.  I think it does help you sleep better for that first stretch of the night but it’s also tough on Mommy and Daddy since we’re trying to eat dinner within that time too.  And speaking of sleeping, you’ve been sleeping longer stretches at night and not waking up every hour or so, which is a great accomplishment!

During this week, Mommy brought you in to her work to show you off to her coworkers!  You were dressed in business casual attire and only cried for a max of 1 minute the whole 2 hours we were there, woohoo!  Don’t worry though, it will be many many years before you’ll ever have to work, just leave that to Mommy and Daddy for now.  The sad thing about this week was that it was Ah-Ma and Ah-Gong’s fifth and final week here with us.  You really had SO much fun with them and they were so sad to be leaving you.  It won’t be long until you get to play with them again, promise!

For your 2 month birthday, Mommy dressed you up again in another Calikatrina bowtie and your sticky belly 2 month sticker.  You really like wearing those bows as they instantly turn you into a sophisticated dapper little man.  😉  Your Aunt Amy, who is Mommy’s friend from high school, sent you some monthly sticky bellies for your Mommy and Daddy to wear so you wouldn’t be alone this time.  So of course, we happily obliged to take a picture with you.  See?  Mommy and Daddy really do love you!


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