Dear Austin,

At Week Twenty Two, we had a Memorial Weekend BBQ at our house.  You had a lot of fun playing with all your aunties and uncles and showing off how much fun you have in your jumperoo.  You also LOVE sticking out your tongue at random times of the day.

During Week Twenty Two, you were very intrigued by the broccoli that Lao Ye had planted in our backyard.  The broccoli is almost twice the size of your head, haha.  You also loved being silly with your Daddy this week and playing with your drum toy.

Week Twenty Three was a bit of a tough one since Lao Lao and Lao Ye went back to California and you were stuck with Mommy and Daddy taking care of you all day while trying to juggle work as well.  Mommy and Daddy thought you were teething for a little bit of time, but no teeth have sprouted so maybe not.  You were excited to see your girl friend, Aspen, again as she wore the dress that you gave her after her successful surgery.

Technically, you are six months old now, and Mommy is falling real behind on posting your updates!  But five months came and gone like that.  In terms of eating and sleeping schedule, you’re pretty much still on a 10 hour nighttime sleep, 2-3 naps throughout the day, and 5 feedings per day.  But actually we’ve started to notice that you are eating a few ounces less these days.


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