Blouse: Old Navy {similar} | Cardigan: TJ Maxx {similar} | Skirt: H&M {similar} | Shoes: Gift from Friend {similar} | Necklace: Francesca’s {similar}

This outfit makes me happy.  It’s got many elements that go along with current trends: neon colors, polka dots, geometric necklace, lace (on back of cardigan).  But even better, I’m wearing many of my favorite colors: pink, yellow, and grey.  I think it’s the yellow and polka dots that always put be in a cheery or better than normal mood.  It’s interesting how what you wear can affect your own mood or what others feel about you.  Like for example, many fast food restaurants are decorated in red because it makes you a feel a sense of urgency, they just want you in and out fast.  Or how wearing black signifies power and responsibility in the workplace.  Hmmm promotion time is coming up… maybe I should be wearing this color more.  😉

Thanks again to Denene Brox for taking these photos of me!

What are your thoughts on color psychology?