Shirt: Anthropologie {similar} | Shorts: Piperlime | Shoes: Target | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Bracelet and Watch: Borrowed from SIL

These photo were taken a few weeks ago when I was in California.  The outfit kinda works for the weather we’re experiencing right now, i.e. really warm for Thanksgiving week, and I’m loving it.  My little niece did a great job of coordinating with me too, don’t ya think?  😉  Anyhow, I’m linking up to  Julie Ann Art, Yellow Heart Art and Rouge and Whimsy What I am Thankful For link-up post today, because frankly, I really have A LOT to be thankful for in my life!

Rouge & Whimsy


1. Blog designers – who are patient, amazing, and have a great eye.
2. My baby – who has taught me about the little joys in life, being a Mama, how to function on little to no sleep at nights, and wearing my heart on my sleeve.
3. My husband – who is my best friend, companion, outfit picture photographer, and the person who makes me laugh the most.
4. Samsung Galaxy S3 – which has allowed me to be able to take pictures documenting every step of my life, to connect with old friends, to find good places to eat and navigate me where now I am only lost if I can’t find my phone.
5. My parents (and in laws) – who have been living with us since Austin’s birth, helped us through the tough newborn times, and have let us sleep in once in awhile
6. My extended family (brother, brother in laws, sister in laws, niece, nephew) – who have texted with me through tough times, helped me manage this blog, have been great aunties and uncles and cousins to Austin, have played with Austin, and have brought so many SMILES to my life.
7. My bed – where I wish I could spend more time sleeping if only there were more hours in the day.
8. DVR – which has allowed me to watch my favorite shows and football games because I can never watch anything in real time
9. My friends – who help me through fashion dilemmas, text me when I’m bored, and are endlessly supportive of me.
10. Copy and paste function- which has saved me countless hours of retyping.
11. Empty seats next to me on an airplane – especially when we are traveling with Austin.
12. Twitter – So I can keep up with political debates, sports scores, and anything important going on in the world.
13. Breastfeeding – it gave my little guy the best nutrients and allowed me to eat more calories than normal but still lose weight.  And now that I’m not doing it anymore, I am struggling to keep the weight off…
14. YOU – for leaving me comments, love, tweets, emails, entering my giveaways… YOU are amazing!
15. Signature on my blog posts – see the “xoxo, sandy” below? That’s automatically added to the end of each post, whereas before, I would always have to include the signature “sandy” image myself!

What are you thankful for?