I don’t want to jinx anything, but these days Austin has been sleeping from 7:30PM to about 7:15AM in the mornings (we HAVE to wake him up to go to daycare or else he could probably sleep until 8AM).  Who would have ever imagined this day would come?!?!  After about a month of waking up at 5AM EVERY MORNING, these past few days have been really nice.  We’ve all been able to get a little bit more sleep in the mornings, which makes a better day for everyone.  😉

When he is awake, one of his new favorite activities is watching videos.  When he wants to watch, he does this hand wave across the face motion and says something like “Beezy vip, beezy vip”.  No idea where he got that from, but all that matters in this household is that we understand what he wants.  He’s really starting to babble and talk constantly and even gets “chatty” on his daycare report cards.  It’s really pretty cute and I am loving this stage.

When Austin wants to watch his videos, we bring out our HP Envy and have his favorite videos bookmarked on the laptop.  We love the laptop because it is lightweight, convertible between a laptop and a tablet, has great battery life, portable and is really the perfect size for little toddler eyes.  Some of his top movies and songs are Baby Einstein – World Animals, Baby Einstein – On The Go, and the Chinese song Looking For Friends.  The laptop is even great for myself, to do some social media/blog reading on, because that’s what I love doing in the evenings to unwind after he goes to bed.  😉

We definitely try to limit the amount of time he uses technology to 30 minutes – 1 hour each day.  What are your thoughts on toddlers and technology use?  Do your/did your toddlers have a favorite video/TV series?  We’re always looking for some new, educational and fun videos for Austin to watch.  He usually sticks to his faves for awhile and screams when we introduce new ones to him that don’t fit his criteria.  That guy, he’s got a real personality!

The HP Envy was provided to me by Staples, but all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.