It’s with real great stress, excitement, anxiety, and joy that I want to share with you all that WE ARE MOVING!  Yes, like physically moving… at the end of June!  My husband and I are still staying with our current companies (we work at the same place), but my husband got offered to take a new job and relocate to Salt Lake City, Utah!  Which means, I will be doing my same job, but working from home (virtually).  Our move is currently slated for 2 years with an optional 3rd year.  But things can always change in that amount of time, so who knows!

My current job was the first one I got out of college.  It was in a new city (Kansas City, MO), I had to make new friends, I had to learn all about healthcare IT, and it was the first time I was truly on my own.  Kansas City, MO was the place I met my husband, the place we grew our lives together, the place we bought our first house together, the place we had our first born son together, the place I cultivated many real life blogging buddies.  I’ve been living in this city for 9 years and working at the same place as well, pretty crazy to think that I’ve kept the same job for so long.  When this opportunity to move was placed in front of us, at first, we were like, “no way”, this can’t happen for our family.  We have another one on the way, Austin loves his daycare, things are comfortable, why rock the boat?  But after lots and lots of discussion over the past few months, we changed our thoughts to, “why not?”.  It’s an opportunity to advance my husband’s career, the kid(s) are young so it’s not like they have entered school and have a lot of friends yet, and we really have been in the same city for almost a decade that a change could be fun!  I’m always the type of person to want to try new things, new foods, new adventures, and although this is a BIG NEW thing, I’m going forward excited and positive about this move.  🙂

I’ve been to Salt Lake City once when I was younger and then we just went again a couple weeks ago to visit.  All I hear about this place is that it is “beautiful” because of the mountains and I totally have to agree.  It will be a BIG change going from the Missouri plains to being surrounded by mountain peaks.  It’s a very family friendly city and they have a Pinkberry at the airport and In-N-Out’s in town (what more could I ask for haha?).

The hardest parts of this move I feel like will be Austin adjusting to a new place and doing all this while pregnant.  Well and for my husband to learn a whole new job.  And me getting used to NOT going into the office each day (I actually do LOVE going into the office and socializing and working out at our campus).  Again, I’m optimistic that with time and patience, we’ll find our groove in a new city, but things like this blog might suffer for a little bit while our move pans out.  I know there’s a GREAT big blogging community out there (and Alt Summit too!) and I’m excited to meet some new friends as well.  I want to take the family on hikes and start Austin on skiing early.  I’m excited to have new restaurants to try and museums, zoos, places to take Austin to open his eyes to the vast world.  If anyone has suggestions for things to do around there, please please let me know so I can start adding them to my list!  🙂  And if anyone is in the area (either visiting or traveling), please do let me know so we can meet up!