Behind the Scenes of a Fashion Blogger’s Outfit Session

So I posted a similar video on Instagram last night (you should really be following me there by the way), but just wanted to post this over one on the blog (I haven’t posted all these outfits on the blog yet so you are getting a sneak peek). With this video, I am being totally transparent in how a fashion blogger (well maybe it’s just me, maybe not all fashion bloggers do this) in how a typical outfit session(s) would go.  And on the flip side, some of the angles and shots that a photographer would capture to get those detailed shots. I am in no way shape or form consider myself a model of any sort, but as a fashion blogger, I do it to model my outfits, the clothes, the accessories. Basically, when I work with photographers or if I have my husband or friend’s take pictures of me, I’ve been getting into the same rut of the same poses over and over again. It’s funny though, you have to make sure your photographer is able to capture the “full body pictures” and the “detail pictures”.  I’m always telling my husband to take photos of me from my lips down to below the clutch I am holding so that it can capture my lipstick color, necklace, bracelet and bag in one shot, and my husband always goes “what is it with wanting the lips in the picture”, in which I promptly reply, “just take the picture”.  😉 Even with my baby girl,it’s hard to come up with unique poses post after post, but Shailynn Photography always comes up with some creative ways for me to pose while still showing off the items I’m wearing. 😉  She even has me do crazy dances that make me feel totally awkward but the pics kind of turned out totally fun and awesome. I know I post outfits a lot, so I’m just trying to mix it up with different poses, etc. so you aren’t always so bored when you come here.

Sandy a la mode from ShaiLynn Draper on Vimeo.

I want to hear it from you, my fellow fashion bloggers.  Let’s put it all out there.  Here’s what I’d like to know and I’m sure the masses would love to know as well. So go ahead, leave your answers to these questions in the comments. 🙂

1) What is your blog name/URL.
2) Do you take pictures of your outfits the day you wear them or do you take many outfits back to back to back? If you take outfits back to back to back, what is the most outfits you have done in one session?
3) Who takes your pictures mostly? Husband? Boyfriend? Paid photographers?
4) Do you blog in your PJs or are you just dressed up ALL THE TIME in case there’s a photo opp?

I’ll start.
1) Sandy a la mode – I am pretty sure I don’t need to leave my link for you since you are on my site, but
2) I usually take 3-5 outfits back to back to back. The most I have ever done is probably 5 outfits at once.
3) My husband used to take my pictures in our front yard, but lately I have been working with local photographers in Utah and love that I can get the pictures back all edited and sized and I don’t have to do any editing myself! 🙂
4) I blog in my PJs/comfy clothes and sometimes I will go days that I wear the same plain tee and leggings over and over again. And my PJs hardly ever coordinate.

Ok, your turn. 🙂


  1. March 19, 2015 / 12:53 am

    1. I am the blogger behind Hearts of Gold Blog, a fashion and lifestyle blog dedicated to fighting depression and boosting self-esteem in others.

    2 + 3. It really depends on how much time I have that week. I prefer to do at least 2 outfits at a time, but typically I don’t have time to shoot more than one at a time since my photo sessions usually consist of me convincing my husband to take pictures on our way somewhere. The max I have done is 5, and that was with a photographer 🙂

    4. When I’m writing and editing my posts I tend to be in sweats since it’s usually 1am when I get the time to write, lol. Regardless of whether or not I take blog photos in a day I find I usually spend a little extra time getting ready 2-3 days a week and 4-5 days I keep it really casual with classic go-to outfits and a 15 min total beauty routine.

  2. March 19, 2015 / 10:05 am

    1) I an the writer behind Meme Jayne a fashion blog aimed towards helping women understand that you don’t have to have all the money in the world to drew nice and that you kid can be trendy too!
    I usually shoot 3-5 outfits at one shoot depending on what I have that needs to be shot! For a long time my husband shot my pics but I have recently started using pro photographers since it is really just easier for everyone!
    I am the type that puts on my pjs if I am home and it is after 5 pm!!

  3. March 19, 2015 / 10:45 am

    1.My name is Chelsea and I blog at Arrows & Apricots:
    2. I usually take 4-6 outfit pics at a time. The most I’ve done is 6.
    3. Either Shawna (who I blog with) takes my pictures or we have our photographer friend Lindsay take the pictures.
    4. I typically blog right before work so I’m dressed up. I only blog part time because I have a full time job at a Marketing Firm. If I’m not blogging before work, I’m blogging in bed in my pj’s.

  4. March 19, 2015 / 12:22 pm

    OOOOOOOH! How fun! And what a fun video!

    1. My blog’s name is Frannie Pantz and my url is

    2. I have a huge backlog of outfits. Currently, I have blog photos all the way into mid-April! I always actually wear what I post, but I have taken time off here and there or I take photos on the weekends when I don’t actually blog so I have the backlog. I think that backlogs are perfect for rainy days when outfits or photoshoots don’t always work out.

    3. I always take my own photos. I am really picky about poses and locations. Also, it is my special “me time” which is important since I have a job, a husband and four kids. Also, I get really nervous and feel silly in front of other people.

    4. I don’t have a chance to blog until after all my kids are in bed and my chores are done. So yeah, I’m in my PJs LOL

  5. March 20, 2015 / 7:04 am

    Cute video! Love your floral dress!!

  6. Carly
    March 20, 2015 / 10:05 am

    This is awesome, I swear I use the same poses every time!

  7. March 21, 2015 / 10:31 pm

    2. I usually take 2 outfits in one session once a week. When I my Mirror Monday pictures I usually take them that day or night before and then post those.
    3.My photographer is Jacqueline Christensen She is the BEST!!
    4. To be honest I am usually dressed up, but sometimes when I blog it is like 1 in the morning and I am definitely in my pajamas (but they HAVE to match)! 🙂

    Bridgette Nicole

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