So I posted a similar video on Instagram last night (you should really be following me there by the way), but just wanted to post this over one on the blog (I haven’t posted all these outfits on the blog yet so you are getting a sneak peek). With this video, I am being totally transparent in how a fashion blogger (well maybe it’s just me, maybe not all fashion bloggers do this) in how a typical outfit session(s) would go.  And on the flip side, some of the angles and shots that a photographer would capture to get those detailed shots. I am in no way shape or form consider myself a model of any sort, but as a fashion blogger, I do it to model my outfits, the clothes, the accessories. Basically, when I work with photographers or if I have my husband or friend’s take pictures of me, I’ve been getting into the same rut of the same poses over and over again. It’s funny though, you have to make sure your photographer is able to capture the “full body pictures” and the “detail pictures”.  I’m always telling my husband to take photos of me from my lips down to below the clutch I am holding so that it can capture my lipstick color, necklace, bracelet and bag in one shot, and my husband always goes “what is it with wanting the lips in the picture”, in which I promptly reply, “just take the picture”.  😉 Even with my baby girl,it’s hard to come up with unique poses post after post, but Shailynn Photography always comes up with some creative ways for me to pose while still showing off the items I’m wearing. 😉  She even has me do crazy dances that make me feel totally awkward but the pics kind of turned out totally fun and awesome. I know I post outfits a lot, so I’m just trying to mix it up with different poses, etc. so you aren’t always so bored when you come here.

Sandy a la mode from ShaiLynn Draper on Vimeo.

I want to hear it from you, my fellow fashion bloggers.  Let’s put it all out there.  Here’s what I’d like to know and I’m sure the masses would love to know as well. So go ahead, leave your answers to these questions in the comments. 🙂

1) What is your blog name/URL.
2) Do you take pictures of your outfits the day you wear them or do you take many outfits back to back to back? If you take outfits back to back to back, what is the most outfits you have done in one session?
3) Who takes your pictures mostly? Husband? Boyfriend? Paid photographers?
4) Do you blog in your PJs or are you just dressed up ALL THE TIME in case there’s a photo opp?

I’ll start.
1) Sandy a la mode – I am pretty sure I don’t need to leave my link for you since you are on my site, but
2) I usually take 3-5 outfits back to back to back. The most I have ever done is probably 5 outfits at once.
3) My husband used to take my pictures in our front yard, but lately I have been working with local photographers in Utah and love that I can get the pictures back all edited and sized and I don’t have to do any editing myself! 🙂
4) I blog in my PJs/comfy clothes and sometimes I will go days that I wear the same plain tee and leggings over and over again. And my PJs hardly ever coordinate.

Ok, your turn. 🙂