Everyone needs a trip to the spa once in awhile for some pampering, but also not everyone has the time and money for that. So what could be better than creating your own perfect spa bath at home? So I’ve got a tutorial/DIY/ingredient list, whatever you want to call it for creating your own perfect oasis.



1. Alone Time

First of all, this is kind of a no-brainer but you will need some alone time. Sure, you can bathe with your significant other if you want, but I think some alone time is always key as well. Make sure your husband takes the kids out so you can ensure that you won’t have kids banging on the door begging to go pee while you are enjoying your “me” time.

2. Bath Caddy

A bath caddy or tray is perfect for storing all the items you need, which I will go into below.

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3. Candles

I love candles and I don’t think they are used enough! I just love the smell of them and how relaxing they make the environment.

4. Books/Magazines

UNPLUG yourself! I’m addicted to my phone usually, but during a spa bath I think reading books or magazines is the best way to escape. Also, you probably wouldn’ t be too happy if you dropped your phone in the water, now would you?

5. Music

I think that music is a another great way to unwind and relax. Either use a stereo or get some headphones.





6. Bath Products

There’s a variety of options for items to put in your bath, whether it be bath bomb, oils or salts. Relax Spa and Bath sent me a sampling of their aromatherapy bath salts and athletic soap therapies. These crystals help set the mood and relax your state of mind. They contain moisturizing properties to keep your skin smooth, reduce aches and pains, and eliminate toxins.  I loved using the Eucalyptus Mint and White Musk Vanilla Jasmine together and the Appletini really wanted to make me grab a drink as well. 😉 Each 4 oz. jar is only $4 , so the price point is great and I think these would make great gifts for friends! And I have to say, that a little bit of the salts go a long way, so the 4 oz should last for at least a few baths! They can even be used as a body scrub, laundry freshener, scents to diffuse in a humidifier, and aromatherapy for a sauna/steam room! They’ve got so many varieties of “scents” and I totally want to try the Cosmopolitan or Lavender Palmorosa (for right before bed time) next time!

7. Facial Mask

Whenever my mom comes to visit me, we put on facial masks at night. It’s a great bonding experience for women to do together and I just love how soft and hydrated my skin feels afterwards. I love these sheet masks from Peach and Lily!



8. Rose Petals

I don’t know what rose petals add to baths, besides prettiness and happiness, but flowers sure are an instant mood booster for me. Sprinkle rose petals in your bath to make it look pretty and make you happier.

9. Warm Towels

We don’t actually have a towel warmer, so I don’t do this one (yet), but I think that getting out of a bath to a warm towel would be amazing. I guess I could run it in the dryer or something ahead of time HA!

10. Robe/Slippers

And lastly, slip into a robe and slippers and relax a bit after your bath. Don’t get up and go make dinner, you need to either go to bed or just sit in a chair and veg out for a bit. It’s the best way to complete out your spa bath at home experience!

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Shop spa bath supplies here:

Have you done a spa bath at home before? Do you have any other ideas of what I could use for my spa bath?