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Bookroo: Book Subscription Box for ChildrenBookroo Book Subscription BoxI’m sure like most of you with young kids, reading books to your children is a part of your daily routine. For us, it’s with bedtime. It goes bath, brush teeth (and floss too!), books, songs, then bedtime! We start our routine around 8PM and hopefully the kids are in bed by 9PM, although a lot of times it’s actually later. Yes, we are late sleepers around here. But I just love this special time with my kids since it’s really great quality time spent with them bonding. Vivian and Austin each have their own books that they both love, we start the “storytime” with some books together and then Marvin and I each take a child and read a book to them that is more their level (or one of their favorites). Vivian loves being a great helper and turning the page when we say “next page” and Austin likes when I read to him like a “teacher” while he sits on the ground. Sometimes there’s some fighting over what books to read, but that’s just sibling rivalry at its finest right? Research shows the first five years to be a critical time to read to your children. This is the most rapid brain development that does not occur at any other time. Children who hear fewer words during early childhood start school developmentally behind their peers and may never catch up. Since my kids are age 2 and 5, we’ve always put an importance on reading books each day.

We recently received a book subscription box from Bookroo and the great thing is that it came with 2 books, perfectly wrapped, one for each child (phew) – you can also choose the board book option and that comes with 3 books! I loved the cute logo, packaging, and Vivian even thought it was Christmas all over again, HA! Bookroo is a family-founded and oriented company. They were started by a family – three sisters-in-laws who not only share a love of their husbands, but also a LOVE of reading. They are passionate about building libraries and helping others foster children’s love of reading. As part of their giving back program, Bookroo donates books to children in need through Reach Out And Read!

Bookroo: Book Subscription Box for Children Bookroo Book Subscription Box Bookroo Book Subscription Box

Bookroo: Book Subscription Box for Children

I was surprised to see that in our Bookroo book subscription box we received 2 books that I have never even heard of myself, Ike’s Incredible Ink and The Adventurers. Apparently, Bookroo looks for hidden gems to send in their boxes, rather than the classics you may already know about or can easily discover. Their books are extensively reviewed by a panel of 12 families attending Stanford University and their combined 22 kids. They rate each book on a 7 point scale and on its re-readability. Books that emerge as clear winners are sent out in Bookroo book subscription boxes. My kids immediately picked up the books and started to read them, well I had to help them, although Austin is learning how to read lately!

Bookroo: Book Subscription Box for Children
Bookroo Book Subscription Box Bookroo Book Subscription Box Bookroo Book Subscription BoxMy outfit: Sweater | Jeans

Vivian’s outfit: Leotard | Knee Highs | Bow

Austin’s outfit: Chambray | Sweater | Pants

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Bookroo Kid's Book Sybscription

These box subscriptions are such a great idea for new parents, Valentine’s gifts, birthday gift, or just because – and shipping is only $5 in the US! And right now, just for my followers, BOOKROO IS OFFERING 20% OFF THEIR 1 OR 3 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION! I would love to hear your thoughts if you decide to try it out!