5 Ways To Tame Frizzy Hair This Summer

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5 Ways To Tame Frizzy Hair This Summer

With the heat of Summer in full force right now, so comes the unmanageable frizzy flyaway hairs. Frizz is mostly caused by a lack of moisture in your hair, but humidity can also contribute to it. The dry or damaged hair can swell your hair strands which then looks like frizz. But I am sharing 5 tips to fight and tame the frizz this summer, as it’s something that can be managed.

Garnier Coconut Oil & Cocoa Butter 5 Ways To Tame Frizzy Hair This Summer
5 Ways To Tame Frizzy Hair This Summer

5 Ways To Tame Frizzy Hair This Summer

1. Don’t brush wet hair with a brush, use a comb of your fingers. Brushing wet hair can significantly pull on and damage hair which brushes can be too harsh for. Something more gentle like a comb or your fingers is way better.

2. Wash your hair less often (unless you get super hot and sweaty). This is a tough one for me, but I know it’s got to be done. I usually wash my hair every other day but I know some people who can go 5 days without washing their hair. Letting your hairs oils do their thing is super important and the more you don’t wash it, the more you don’t have to haha!

3. Use a Leave-In Conditioner to hydrate your hair. Garnier’s Coconut Oil & Cocoa Butter line of products is so great for damaged, dry, frizzy hair because they are great for moisturizing hair. A leave -in conditioner seals the hair cuticle and prevents humidity from getting into the hair.

4. Resist the urge to touch your hair. Touching hair breaks up the natural pattern in your hair and can cause frizz.

5. Turn down the heat on styling products. Heat = drying out and damaging hair which leads to frizz. Styling products don’t have to be on the highest of heats to do their job.

5 Ways To Tame Frizzy Hair This Summer 5 Ways To Tame Frizzy Hair This Summer 5 Ways To Tame Frizzy Hair This Summer

5 Ways To Tame Frizzy Hair This Summer

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