You guys, I’m not a super athletic girl, but a few weeks ago, a friend asked me to go paddleboarding and I said why not?!  I brought Vivian along for the ride with me, although she didn’t actually ride WITH me, but we made a little sand, water, dinner and paddleboarding evening with friends out of it and I must say we had a blast. Nomad Paddle is a Utah local paddleboard rental company, which I think is a great idea. I know for all you non-Utahns you may be surprised, but there are a lot of man-made lakes in Utah, which simulates us going to the “beach”! 😉 I love that it’s a rental service because for me, it would not be realistic to buy a paddleboard, but to rent one once in awhile and take it on a ride with friends, totally doable and so fun! As a total beginner, I’ve rounded up 5 reasons why you should try paddleboarding, keep reading to see my reasons!



 5 Reasons Why You Should Try Paddleboarding

1. It’s a fun summer activity that’s not too hard to pick up as a beginner. I was so nervous guys. This was my first time and I had no clue what to do. However the instructors at Nomad Paddle really put us all at ease and had confidence in us haha! I was a little chicken and kneeled half the time, but hey, it was still fun! I did try standing for a little bit and probably need a little bit more practice before I can stand the full time.

2. It’s a great core workout. Well if you want to stay afloat, then you’ve got to stay balanced. You essentially stay in the middle of the board and it’s a great core workout to make sure you don’t fall over!

3. It’s a fun activity to do with family and friends. You can have a couple of people riding on the board or paddling at once or you can rent a bunch of boards with friends and make a lake afternoon out of it!

4. You can do it on vacation. I know that there’s so many tropical locations that have paddleboarding and now that I have tried it in Utah, I feel confident to say that I would do it if we ever go on another tropical vacation or anything.

5. You can explore different views from the water. Because a paddleboard is on top of water, you can take it to a lot of places. You can ride it on the ocean, lake, reservoir, and it can take you out to explore different views from it!




















 My outfit:

Swimsuit c/o Rad Swim
Skirt c/o Rad Swim
Coverup c/o One Loved Babe
Hat: Gigi Pip

Vivian’s outfit:

Swimsuit c/o Rad Swim
Coverup: Crew & Lu

 Photography by Diana Putnam Photography