11 Awesome Gifts Spotted This Christmas

11 Awesome Gifts Spotted This Christmas by popular Utah blogger Sandy A La Mode

Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season!! We’ve given and gotten a lot of gifts this season and I am so grateful for all the love! For this post, I wanted to round up some awesome gifts that we have either gotten or have seen others get (pretty much things I have seen on Instagram stories) and will be added to me or my kid’s wishlists! After all, Austin’s birthday is literally 3 days after Christmas so we’re kind of still in gift finding mode for a little bit. And then we have some family birthdays coming up too!!

Awesome Gifts For the Fashionistas / Beauty Lover Side

Amazon Echo Look – So this device is perfect for doing try ons! Like literally it was MADE FOR IT. It was made to take pictures and videos of daily outfits, it really captures the essence of what I do for try on sessions for Instagram stories. And even better it’s smart, so you can talk to it and tell it what to do!

Blenderelle Makeup Sponge Case – I found this product on another beauty blogger’s channel as a great gift and that it is! I always travel with my Beauty Blender but it’s just out in my makeup bag, probably getting it dirty from all the foundation caked up on it. But this case is perfect for keeping it separate in my travel bag!

Acrylic Folding Earring Screen – My friend Veronika’s Blushing featured this and I kind of need it. I use Stackers for my jewelry organization, but I love this for just keeping my earrings alone organized. I have lots of little studs that can get lost everywhere but this would help keep them together!

Awesome Gifts For Mom Life

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer – Literally every morning I warm up my coffee and then get busy and then it gets cold before I can drink it. If you are wondering, this Korean Instant Coffee is my absolute FAVE! I drink it almost every day and it’s so easy to bring with when traveling too since it just comes in little packets. Anyways, this coffee warmer is such a small thing, but I think it will be a game changer when it comes to my morning coffee routine.

HP Sprocket Photo Printer – This little printer can print out social media pictures and is just what I need. I keep all my photos on my phone, but sometimes I just like to have them printed out ya know? To hang out in the house or make a little album to display!

Sorel Lace Up Booties – Sundance Film Festival is coming up quickly and I am planning to see a show and spend an evening in Park City! There’s definitely a chic mountain resort style that is so fun to wear and these boots would totally be perfect for snow!

Rose Gold Disney Ears – My friend Sally actually got us these straight from Disneyland, and they were so hard to get back them when she got them. Literally I am just saving them up for our next Disney trip! These are absolutely GORGEOUS and so glam! They are perfect for moms and kids both!

Awesome Gifts For My Kids

Giant Connect Four – I saw this on someone else’s Instagram stories and KNEW I needed it for my kids. When we went to stay at Tru by Hilton last month, Austin loved the big Connect Four they had at the hotel. He absolutely loves playing the game and this kid sized one is just so cool. It would look nice in a play room or would be a hit at your next Summer BBQ!

Moonlite Storybook Projector – I’ve seen a lot of bloggers post about this one, and I just think it’s so cute for young kids. Vivian has a little projector she puts on her ceiling at night as a night light but this one is a whole storybook and so so cool. I definitely think it would help in winding her down during bed time.

Gold Wire Rolling Cart – So I kind of selfishly just love this for the decor of it, but you know I love gold in my house. However, I have seen people use it for their kids play kitchens, like in storing all the “play groceries” and pushing it around and I think it’s an adorable use for it! But again, it just looks like the decor that I love for my house anyways! Also – it’s on sale right now!!

Triokid Baby Doll Stroller – Vivian has this new stroller and loves it so much. She has like 2 other ones, but she has so many babies that she can never have enough strollers, ha! These are awesome because the material is great, quality is great and you can even draw on the fabric, so cool!


  1. January 2, 2018 / 4:28 am

    Really great ideas! I am loving the earring screen. My earrings are a hot jumbled mess in a drawer! I may have to consider something like this for myself. Thanks for sharing and a very Happy New Year to you!


  2. May 21, 2019 / 3:48 am

    Hi Sandy!
    I am sure that my lil one will love the moonlight storybook projector. Recently, I gifted her a White Lehenga from Urban Dhaage which she loved a lot. Now, I am thinking of giving something else to her.
    Please add some more to the kids section. Looking forward to revisit your blog again for the same.

  3. August 5, 2019 / 3:57 am

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