I noticed that I’ve been styling and wearing my denim jackets A LOT lately so I thought I would write a post to round up all the different ways I have styled it as of recently! They are great over dresses and jumpsuits, but you can also layer them over hoodies with leggings too! Denim jackets are a Spring and Summer closet staple in my opinion and I get all of mine from here! Hopefully this will be a good resource for you guys in the future – I’ll probably add more outfits to this post as I wear them!! Also, apparently I don’t ever actually WEAR my denim jackets with arms in the holes, I just layer them over or hold them in my arms like an accessory HA! But you get the idea, you could definitely actually WEAR them in any of these looks as well!! Note: some of the items seen below in the outfits are sold out, if so, I will try to link similar pieces if I can find them!

Jumpsuit (M)  //  Denim Jacket (S)  //  Sandals (Size up half a size)  //  Bag 

 Dress (S – Code SANDY20 for 20% off)  //  Denim Jacket (S)  //  Purse  //  Shoes (Size up half a size)

Dress (S)  //  Denim Jacket (S)  //  Shoes (TTS)  //  Sunglasses  //  Earrings (Similar)  //  Necklace

Jumpsuit (S)  //  Denim Jacket (S)  //  Shoes (TTS)  //  Bag  //  Sunnies

Dress (S)  //  Denim Jacket (S)  //  Shoes (TTS)  //  Bag  //  Necklace

Romper (Similar)  //  Denim Jacket (S)  //  Shoes (TTS)  //  Bag  //  Sunnies

Dress (Similar)  //  Denim Jacket (S)  //  Shoes (TTS)  //  Bag

Romper (Similar)  //  Denim Jacket (S)  //  Shoes (TTS)  //  Bag  //  Sunglasses

Jumpsuit (S)  //  T-shirt (S)  //  Denim Jacket (S)  //  Shoes (TTS)  //  Necklace

Hoodie (S)  //  Denim Jacket (S)  //  Jeans (6S)  //  Shoes (TTS)  //  Phone Case

Shirt (S)  //  Denim Jacket (S)  //  Jeans (8)  //  Shoes (Size up half a size)  //  Sunglasses

Top (M)  //  Denim Jacket (S)  //  Jeans (Size 8S)  // Shoes (TTS, size down if between) //  Sunnies  //  Bag

Hoodie (M)  //  Denim Jacket (S)  //  Leggings (M)  //  Shoes (TTS, size down if in between) //  Bag

Hoodie (M )  // Denim Jacket (S)  //  Leggings (M)  //  Shoes (TTS) //  Sunglasses

Dress (Similar)  //  Denim Jacket (S)  //  Shoes (TTS)  //  Sunnies

So, there you have it! Hopefully this was a helpful guide, make sure to pin it to Pinterest so you can always reference back!!