A few days ago, on my Instagram stories, I asked people “what was one thing that your husband/spouse/Dad could not live without or uses all the time”, it was the perfect question to prompt a Father’s Day Gift Guide so here I am sharing the top 10 results!  Also, with a few suggestions from my own husband as well (thanks Marv)!!  These items would all make great gift ideas for Dads and many of them are on Amazon Prime, so for you last minute people (like me), you can still get most of these gifts in time for Father’s Day!!!

I’ve listed the items below with links to the collage items above, but also below, I am sharing 3 options with different price points to buy similar items!  I hope this guide is helpful to you!!!

  1. Coffee/Beer/Drink Mug – One of the most popular gifts to give anyone is usually a cup or mug of some sort.  This Yeti one is by far the one that gets used the most around our household.  It keeps our drinks cold or hot for hours! The one downfall to this one is that the handle does not fit in a lot of cup holders so this one or this one are great options too!
  2. Wireless headphones – When I asked on my Instagram stories what was the best Father’s Day gift your significant other has received, wireless headphones won by a landslide. There are so many great options out there that are affordable like these. If they prefer the wired one, this one is a great option! Of course, there’s the ever popular AirPods as well (which was highly recommended by so many people!)
  3. Socks – This is usually my go-to present for any guys in my life. Socks are always needed and I love that they can make a small fashion statement with just a pair of socks! Lots of you recommended Stance socks which are amazing!
  4. Bedside Organizer – 
  5. Grill – Summer, backyard BBQs, and Father’s Day all during the same season. Coincidence? I think not! I adore the smell of food cooking on the grill (well, I love the smell of food period LOL!). Whether you like charcoal or gas, there’s a grill for the one you love out there!
  6. Watch – Anyone else’s significant other OBSESSED with watches?! Marvin is such a watch fanatic! These three watches were recommended by him and I love that they’re all in different price points for every budget range!
  7. Wallet – A lot of you guys actually asked for wallet suggestions! I found some top rated one and this slim wallet seems like a real winner, it has a lot of amazing reviews, comes in a ton of color options and is under $30!
  8. Toiletry Bag – For those of you who have upcoming trips, this would be the perfect gift!  These are SO handy and my favorite travel item! This is my favorite Women’s toiletry bag, but I am sharing a few others here that may be more suited for Men!
  9. Tools – Tools was another popular answer and this Swiss Army Knife is a great affordable useful gift! Here is another great camping/everything tool and a bottle opener for their pockets!
  10. Battery Charger – In the world of technology nowadays, one can not live without a portable battery charger. Again, the choices are endless when it comes to picking out one. This brand is the most popular but we’ve been loving this one!