21 Back To School Essentials You Can Snag On Amazon

I can’t believe that 2 weeks from now, Austin will be off to 2nd grade and Vivian will be in Pre-K! I know a lot of you are busy with back to school shopping, but sometimes it’s just too hard to get to a physical store to get all the shopping done, especially with kids in tow! But, have you checked out Amazon for back to school supplies? They literally have everything from school supplies, backpacks, laptops, electronics, lunchboxes and extra brain boosting games to get your kids all set for back to school! And free Prime shipping on most products is always a plus!

  1. Backpack – Every year, the kids look forward to purchasing a new backpack. I love that this backpack can hold a laptop or a tablet not just for school but for traveling. I also love the simplicity of the design and pockets. 
  2. LCD Writing Tablet – I adore this writing tablet! It’s a fun way to change up practicing letters, numbers, or spelling. It magically erases with a push of a button and they can start all over! 
  3. Sphero Robot – Technology nowadays is growing at such a fast rate. I think coding is an amazing way to help kids think critically and learn something that will help them in the long run. Also, it’s fun and that makes it even better!
  4. Notebook – School always requires a notebook so why not have get a cute one? The yellow color makes me happy and the quotes on the front are inspirational.
  5. Fire Tablet – This kid friendly tablet has educational apps and parental control. It’s also great for travel with the kid proof case. There are 3 versions based on screen size, you can get the 7″, 8″ or 10″ one!
  6. Pencil Case – How fun is this pencil case? Staying organized during the school year is important so having a fun pencil case may entice the kids to keep their pencils in one place.
  7. Headphones – Every once in a while, the kids need some quiet time and these headphones are good for when they are allowed to have some technology time. 
  8. Timer – Children have a hard time grasping the concept of time. This timer is a great visual for them. I could probably use it for myself too for when I need to focus on a task!
  9. BOB books – Vivian is learning to read and I have only heard great things!
  10. The Juice Box Bully Book – I want to make sure that my kids are not just equipped to learn in school but also how to be kind and stand up for others when they see someone else being bullied. I love reading books that teach life lessons.
  11. Erasers – Learning is so much more fun with fun accessories. These erasers are adorable and will help erase those mistakes!
  12. Lacing Sneaker – I feel like learning how to tie shoes is such a hard skill to learn. This cute lacing sneaker will make learning how to make bunny ears with shoe laces a bit more enjoyable. Austin is currently learning how to tie his shoes this Summer!
  13. Twistable Crayons – There’s nothing better than a new fresh box of unused crayons. But what makes me sad is when they break. It’s great to be able to twist them back down so they will not break when they’re being stored.
  14. Plantain Chips – Having snacks on hand once the kids come home from school is essential. These plantain chips are healthy and oh so good!
  15. Rush Hour Logic Game – This game has been a bestseller for many years and I can see why. The concept is simple but keeps all ages engaged and challenged! 
  16. S’well Bottle – This awesome water bottle will keep water cold up to 24 hours or a beverage hot up to 12 hours! There are so many fun colors to choose from!
  17. Bengto Lunchbox – This popular lunch box is amazing! The compartments keep the food separate and it does not get all mixed up even if it flips over. It has held up very well for us!
  18. Straw and Connector Building Kit – I am all about STEM and this building kit is great for Vivian and Austin! The possibilities are endless with those two and this kit.
  19. Brain Quest – We love keeping these on hand to randomly quiz the kids! It’s also a good teaching point if they do not know the answer. They have every grade level so you can challenge all age groups!
  20. Mechanical Pencils – I thought it was so magical to have a pencil you didn’t have to sharpen. Mechanical pencils will keep your kids on point at school and at home!
  21. Magnetic Letters and Numbers with Board – This board is double sided with a dry erase side and a magnetic chalk board side. This is another great hands-on learning tool for learning letters, numbers, spelling, or even create masterpieces.

To shop more back to school products on Amazon, this page has it all! Hope your kids have a HAPPY SCHOOL YEAR!

Thank you to Amazon for gifting my kids some back to school essentials!


  1. August 5, 2019 / 3:53 am

    Super Cute! I’ll try to find it on amazon now! any other cute essential that we can get not only from Amazon?

  2. August 5, 2019 / 2:36 pm

    These are some wonderful items. I have those twistable color pencils on my list.

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