Toy Ideas for Kids 4 to 8 Years

It’s no secret that Walmart has tons of great fashion (as you guys have seen featured here multiple times before), but today I wanted to round up some toys that my kids are personally loving and can be found at Walmart! They have very competitive pricing and lots of new toys up on their website all the time! And periodically will run sales on them too! Some of my kids favorites are tried and true LEGO and Play-Doh, but they also have Stranger Things themed toys, Beyblade, Ryan’s World, Toy Story, trampolines (this one is our trampoline that we recently got) and even outdoor play sets! Remember, you can get Free 2-Day Shipping with orders $35+!



For a few years now, probably since Austin was 5, he took an interest into LEGOs. He started with LEGO DUPLO which is bigger sized pieces and geared towards younger kids, but he soon graduated and started to form an obsession with LEGO. His room is currently filled with SO many completed LEGO sets that I can’t even count them on two hands. It’s a great activity that teaches kids to follow directions, use hand-eye coordination, and it just occupies a good chunk of time! 😉 My tip for buying LEGO when you start out though, is to buy for their age or younger, or else you will definitely have to help them out. Helping out is not really a problem, but it’s just the frustration the kids may have if they aren’t able to complete the sets (that’s how it was for Austin anyways). But as he grew more confident in it, I would buy for his age and sometimes even older. Austin is 7 years old now, and this LEGO Harry Potter The Knight Bus is technically for 8+, but Austin was able to complete it all on his own!


Vivian is definitely at the age (4, almost turning 5 years), where every time she sees a new Play-Doh set, it excites her. I can even bring out older Play-Doh sets that we put away for a few months, and she will act like she hasn’t seen is before. 😉 Or maybe she really doesn’t remember… We recently picked up this Play-Doh Pizza Oven Toy because well, Vivian LOVES pizza and she has shown an interest in helping out in the kitchen lately, so I thought it was the perfect mesh of both of those things! Marvin did have to help her get started and showed her how to use the tools, but once she got going, she was having a blast!! She would go around asking everyone what toppings they wanted on their pizza and be our own little personal chef! Of course, she knows that this is all just “play food”!

I have been seriously impressed with Walmart‘s selection of toys and below I am rounding up a few toys that I think are appropriate for different age groups. This is all based on my own personal experience as of course everyone child’s toy taste may be different!

Shop Toys Age 1-3

Shop Toys Age 4-6

Shop Toys Age 7-9

Shop Outdoor Sets

This post was sponsored by Walmart, as always, all selections and opinions are 100% my own!

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