Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Dad Book – Cute book for sentimental Dads.
Personalized Socks – Almost like a gag gift, but super fun!!
Toiletry Bag – These look high end and are great for travel toiletries!
Mug – An easy personalized gift for the coffee drinker!!
BBQ Tool Set – Personalize his tools!
Bar Kit – For the Dad who loves to kick back with a drink.
Cutting Board – For the Dad who loves to cook!
Wallet – Wallets are always a great gift!
Decanter and Glasses – Perfect for the man cave or bar!
Travel Tumbler – Great for Dads to bring to the office!
Picture Frame – Another great gift for his office desk or nightstand.
Shaving Bag – This bag would fit all his shaving tools perfectly!

Short Sleeve Henley Shirt – I love henley tops for Marvin!
Baseball Cap – For those bad hair days!
Under Armour Shirt – These are a great material for active Dads.
Long Sleeve Henley Shirt – Can’t get enough of henleys haha!!
Wallet – This is such a cool slim wallet!
Air Pod Case – So he won’t lose his Air Pods!
Shoes – These are a great everyday dressy sneaker!
Pocket Tee – Can’t have enough of these types of tees!
Swim Trunks – Perfect for the Dad who wants to get in the pool and play with the kiddos!
Duffle Bag – Perfect bag for those who are going on Summer trips!
Watch – Marv’s top pick for an affordable everyday watch! He LOVES his watches!!

Sleeping Bag – Great for camping!!
Yeti Tumbler – You know we love are YETIs! Keeps drinks cool for a long time!
Smart Watch – For him to track his activity and steps!
Solo Stove – We LOVE backyard fires in the Summertime! Could work for roasting smores too!!
Camping Hammock – For Dads who like to relax in the back.
Water Filter Straw – Personal water filter, great for camping.
Head Light – So you can see at night!
Yeti Cooler – We swear by our YETI cooler! This one is more vertical which takes up less space in our trunk!
Golf Net – For the Dad who loves to golf.
Bluetooth Speaker – We LOVE listening to music, great to have outdoors too!
Tent – The whole family can fit into this tent!
Rocking Portable Chair – Perfect for backyard Summer nights or tail gating.

Smoker Kit – The perfect seasonings to add to meat!
Meat Claws – Make sure his hands are protected while grilling!
Torch – Perfect for starting a fire.
Cookbook – Need some grilling or smoker recipe ideas? This book has great reviews.
Sauce Pot and Basting Brush – For perfecting those meats!!
Smoked Spices – These spices have over 10K+ 5 stat reviews!!
Grill Brush – This is great for cleaning the grill.
Meat Thermometer – Always got to make sure the meat is cooked to the right temperature! This is a must with grilling!!
Grilling Basket – Great basket for grilling fish, shrimp, seafood.
BBQ Set – The perfect starter set of tools.
Prep and Serving Trays – Use the red tray to prep raw meat and the black one for cooked meat!
Traeger Grill – Of course, if you guys don’t have a grill yet, we have a Traeger and love it!!! I mean honestly a gift to him is a gift to yourself with all the yummy food that will be made on it!!


  1. June 7, 2021 / 2:40 am

    Great ideas! I always think about what to give. And here is so much good advice 🙂

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    The last time we did this was because we realized that having some sort of ceremony or celebration would be good for us — because it allowed us to talk more openly about our relationship without having to worry about how our guests would respond if they found out they were getting married (as opposed to just being happy). And it allowed us to get out of the house and away from our phones so we could focus on each other instead of everyone else. The documen tation gave us something tangible to carry around with us when we were out of town. And it also gave us something tangible to give people as gifts: unlike most gifts which either disappear after you give them or are poorly received by your friends/family because they aren’t what they expect (the only exception is an action figure or t-shirt which really just doesn’t make sense), this one was actually received well by everyone who got one!

  6. July 29, 2022 / 1:42 am

    Be careful not to imply too much about how much the gift costs; keeping the price under $100 works in most cases (but if you want something more expensive, then go for it), but make sure that if he buys a cheaper camera, then he isn’t getting ripped off.

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