A Few Things I’d Like You To Know

Blouse c/o OASAP {similar} | Pants: ASOS | Shoes: ModCloth | Purse: H&M | Necklace: Gift from MIL | Bracelets c/o Isshou No Yakusoku, Derng | Hairclip c/o Lilla Rose

As the title of this post suggests, I would like to just say that:

1) I need a pocket blouse in every color imaginable.  And I will not stop shopping until that requirement is met. ;)
2) I am SO happy for the colored denim, patterned pants trend this year. These lace pants are a great neutral and perfect for work! I actually bought these awhile ago when I was still in the midst of losing preggo weight that they are a tad big on me now. :( I’m sure my weight will go back up one of these days though.
3) This Lilla Rose hair clip does WONDERS for holding up my hair. It’s super easy to use, feels sturdy enough that my hair won’t fall out of it, and adds a nice flair to my hair (like how I rhymed that?).  You need one.
4) My MIL gave me this necklace and it’s probably the first BCBG thing I own and I love it.
5) I got a burgundy purse. Happy dance!
6) I’m going back to edgy looks with studs on my flats. :)
7) We’re having a neighborhood garage sale this weekend and I can’t wait to shop. Love a great deal and excited to find some new to him baby toys for Austin!
8) I haven’t traveled on a plane in over a year and next month we’ll be going to California, Hawaii and Ohio. Can’t wait!
9) My videography skills got put to good use.  My polar bear video made it into a Visit Omaha commercial on TV!  Check it out here. And let me know if you actually see it while watching TV!
10) You only have a couple days left to vote for Austin.  Don’t you want him to win $50,000 which would go towards his college education? :)

Your turn.  What would you like me to know about you?

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  1. Sandy, if I keep looking at your posts, you’re going to make me start shopping again. haha. You just have so much cute stuff. LOVE the lace pants and the color of that purse. Where are you going in Hawaii? We’ve been to Maui and Kauai… both places are beautiful! I’ll have to give you some restaurant suggestions and recs for best snorkel spots if you guys to to any of these islands

  2. Ahh! You’re going to California?! I’d LOVE to meet you, Sandy! If you need ideas on what to do in Hawaii, I’d also love to tell you (my boyfriend lives in Hawaii). :)

    Love #1. I am with you on that. Pocket blouses in every color is essential for my life haha!

  3. Hey, I saw that commercial when I was on Hulu yesterday–you made that video, that’s awesome!!
    Also, which burgundy bag did you end up going with?
    Love this look lady, those pants rock!!

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