Things That Make Me Uncomfortable









Top: Forever 21 | Blazer: TJMaxx {similar} | Skirt: J.Crew {similar} | Shoes: TJMaxx {similar} | Bag: Cuore and Pelle | Bracelets: J.Crew {similar}, Mimi’s {similar}

Things that make me uncomfortable:

1) Taking outfit photos in public. Kidding, I’m over it now. But it REALLY used to make me uncomfortable.
2) When random strange men say “hi” to me or start trying to make conversation with me in public places… gas station, grocery store, park.
3) Driving people around that I don’t know well.
4) People with crazy cackle laughs.
5) Coworkers clipping their fingernails/toenails at work.
6) Pooping in a silent bathroom with only 1-2 other people in there.
7) People watching me parallel park my car.
8) If I know there is a spider or mosquito in my room at night that we tried to kill but couldn’t, I just won’t be able to sleep.
9) Posting pictures of a piece of clothing that is severely wrinkled. Case in point – above. Sorry about that, these pictures were taken just after a fantastic lunch (where I was sitting obviously) with Chasing Davies and Pretty, Polished, Perfect.

Well, let’s hear it, what are things that make YOU uncomfortable?

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  1. OMG I am the same way with most of these. I can’t sleep knowing there was a bug we couldn’t find or kill. It drives me bonkers. I hate when random – men usually – try to talk to me at the supermarket. It’s like hey weirdo, go away. I don’t know you and don’t want to.

  2. yes…driving people around that i don’t know is so uncomfortable!! i love these colors together, and the black and white and lace is perfect over it all!

  3. I LOVE the back of your blazer! So adorable! I also get really uncomfortable when people are watching me park! And I’m also with you on the bugs. EEEK.

  4. oh, my goodness! me too about the spider in the room. i have to kill it or i won’t be able to sleep. eeeek!

  5. Cute lace back to the cardi. Totally find coworkers clipping nails at work so disgusting. And I get nervous parallel parking in front of people too! Unless I nail it, then I’m like, Heck ya!

  6. hahaha! I love your list. Pooping in a bathroom with 1-2 people in there? How about ZERO people in there!! LOL

    And OMG when someone is watching me parallel park, it always takes FOREVER. If no one is watching, I can do it in one perfect swoop.

    Love the color of your skirt! BR has one right now that’s the same color and I’m totally drooling over it!

  7. I love the color combo and those stripes-so pretty! ewwww people clip their toe/fingernails at work? I once saw a guy do it ON THE SUBWAY I’M NOT LYING. He took off his socks and shoes-omg during rush hour. But that’s the least of what I’ve seen on my lovely train rides haha. Taking pics in public where people start staring still makes me slightly uncomfy haha. The thing that makes me most uncomfortable is when people comment on my body shape (weight loss, gain, what do you eat, etc).

  8. I hadn’t even noticed your skirt was wrinkled! I am the same way about knowing there being some kind of insect in my room at night, hate that feeling!

  9. Driving people I don’t know very well makes me super uncomfortable too. It makes me question all of my song choices… yikes. Anyway, your outfit is great. =)

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