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Getting ready for Fall

posted: 09.07.14 | 14 comments

Seriously, I can’t get enough of the beautiful views of Salt Lake City.  I don’t think I will ever get sick of looking at the mountains.  And they make a great compass so I can easily figure out my east from my west (taller mountains on the east, smaller mountains on the west) which makes [...]

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Bring on the booties!

posted: 08.25.14 | 6 comments

This past Summer I may have gone overboard in the kimono department, but the best thing about them is that I can wear them into Fall. And gosh, it’s already starting to feel like Fall over here in Utah. This is so weird to me because in Kansas City, end of August is usually like [...]

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Black, Neutral and Long Cardigans

posted: 03.09.14 | 13 comments

I wore this outfit for a lunch date with a couple of friends the other day.  It was probably the quickest shoot known to mankind because it was all kinds of negative windchill that day.  Hence why I am wearing every accessory possible to cover up every inch of my body except my hands and [...]

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Wearing Pantone’s Wild Orchid

posted: 03.02.14 | 11 comments

These photos were taken in our last snowstorm (which I was hoping would be the last of the season), but lo and behold, the groundhog was right and we’re being hit with another snow storm this weekend, sigh.  Seriously, this has been one of the snowiest and coldest winters I’ve ever faced… ever. in. my. [...]

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Cats, Dots and Buffalo Checks

posted: 02.23.14 | 10 comments

A couple weeks ago, I met up for a lunch date with my blogger buddies Meggy and Erin over at Blue Bird Bistro in the Westside area of Kansas City!  I love this restaurant because it’s quaint, they use all local and fresh ingredients and come up with flavorful menu options!  I got hummus and [...]

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