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Gold and Floral

posted: 01.06.15 | 12 comments

One of my OTHER goals for the year, which I don’t think I mentioned in my goal post, is to blog more about some stylish work outfits.  Since moving to Utah, I assumed I was going to be working from home, but plans have changed and I am going into an office setting each day.  [...]

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Crochet Top and Floral Pants

posted: 04.16.14 | 9 comments

I wore this outfit for Day 1 of Go Blog Social.  I love it because I feel like I could wear this outfit into my Grandma days.  It’s got a hint of vintage crochet and floral pants that could either be real stylish or real old lady like depending on the current trend of the [...]

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Little White Dress

posted: 01.22.14 | 21 comments

Just as important for every women to have a little black dress in their wardrobe, it’s equally important to have a little white (or cream) dress as well! It’s such a great piece for wearing with blacks, neutrals, or adding pops of colors. It’s like the perfect canvas for adding whatever fun layers and textures [...]

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Garnet, Black and Leopard

posted: 11.17.13 | 23 comments

November weather in Missouri is always all over the place.  One day its 20 degrees, the next day is 70 days.  Or in the day it’s 60 degrees and at night it’s 30 degrees in one day.  On days like that, I love wearing a dress with tights and booties and a nice felted coat [...]

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Being Fancy

posted: 10.24.13 | 12 comments

This is one of those fancy sweatshirt outfits I’ve talked about recently.  I’ve added in my fave statement necklace, fave handbag, and some strappy black heels (I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect one and have finally found them, the leather is so soft and totally mold to my feet)! Our vacation is coming [...]

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