This weeks Flavors to Follow is inspired by the 2010 lovely package exchange, hosted by oh, hello friend. This is my first year entering it and I couldn’t be more excited! There were 500+ entrants so I am not sure yet if I made the cut but I hope so! *crossing fingers* To be honest, when I give out presents to friends, I tend to skimp out on making the packages pretty, as a time saver, I know, shame on me. 🙁  So I thought this would be a perfect chance to work on my creativity and give back to a stranger (or hopefully soon to be bloggy friend).  Here are some of my favorite ways to dress up packages that i’ve seen on the web, hope this inspires you as it has me!

bag: button lunch gift bags on nice package
ribbon: pom pom ribbon pink on package in style
tape: classicky japanese masking tape on prettytape
envelope: pastel vellum envelopes on mr. rabbit sir
embellishment: cream/orchid daffodils on the gilded bee
container: decorative canister on olive manna
tag: the “us” box tags on grey likes weddings
twine: divine yellow bakers twine on divine twine

If there are other ways that you like to dress up your packages, would you care to share? 🙂