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Today I am happy to participate in a blogger mashup of over 300 bloggers in a feature called Pin It Forward: What Home Means to Me.  Victoria from Sfgirlbybay and Pinterest, a place to share visual collections of things you love, have so kindly put this together for us, so a big shoutout to them!  Each weekday from May 24 to July 2, ten bloggers will write a post about what home means to them, that’s a lot of blogs to check out and a load of inspiration!  🙂  Now here’s my take…


{using colors and patterns to change the mood of each room}

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Every single room in my house is painted a different color, ranging from taupe, green, yellow, turquoise, blue, caramel, and grey!  And we are just starting to dabble with different patterns such as stripes, damask and florals.  I love how color and pattern can really change the mood of a room, whether it be cozy, fun, cheeky, vintage, dreamy, modern or serious.

{lounging around and being myself}

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If I could wear PJs all day and all night, I would do so like it were my J-O-B!  I love just lounging around in comfy clothes (or as I like to call it, “chilling clothes”) and doing absolutely nothing… or dancing around like nobody’s watching!

{a space filled with homecooked meals, baked goods, thirst quenching refreshments, and pretty china}

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I strongly believe that no kitchen would be complete without these things, are you with me??

{playing dress up}

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One of my favorite parts of my home are the multiple closets + dresser full of clothes, shoes and accessories!  I’m pretty sure you ladies would agree with me here!  Oh yes, I said multiple!  😉

{a space to be creative}

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So currently we turned one of the bedrooms into a craft storage room and the dining room is my actual crafting room… but if you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that we’re redoing our basement where the new craft storage + crafting area will all be!  I’m so excited to get it done, which reminds me, I need to do an update on it.  🙂  Right now we’re at… “Honey, do you want to go down and work on the trim?”… “Yes dear!”

{entertaining family and friends}

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One of my favorite parts of my house is our covered porch.  Whenever we have friends or family over we invite them back there for BBQ and drinks (well, only when it’s warm).  We actually just cut down one of our trees that was dead and saved a few of the stumps to turn into chairs.  I can just imagine sitting around a fire pit on the stumps, making some s’mores and chatting the night away!

{where my heart is}

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And of course, my humble abode would not be complete without my husband, whom I love to pieces!

{an ever-changing journey}

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A few years ago I made a shadow box full of pictures of me and my husband that we use to store our keys in.  I included a quote inside that shadow box that gives us a daily reminder that…

“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home”

Well, I hope you enjoyed learning about what home means to me!  And for those of you who are curious, none of these images are of my actual home, they’re inspirations I’ve collected from around the web.  Please check out my Pinterest board where I’ve posted all of the above photos and more!  A huge thanks to Lovely Bud for introducing me and make sure to check out Alternative Eagle‘s post tomorrow!