hello monday!  this weekend can pretty much be summed up with food and travel.  i wish it could have involved more sewing, crafting, and relaxing though… maybe next weekend!  i’ll be linking up to miscellany monday again this week, thanks carissa!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} i’m in ottawa, canada this week meeting a new client.  the trip here was a bit of a nightmare, i brought my old expired passport with me to the airport, oops!  luckily my original flight was delayed and we got rerouted on a flight that left 1.5 hours later.  i had enough time to catch a taxi home to get my correct passport and made it back to the airport as my flight was boarding, phew!  my friend suggested i try poutine, a canadian dish that is basically fries topped with cheese curds and gravy, that was pretty much the first thing i ate when i got here – it takes sort of like french onion soup!

{2} my husband thinks that 4/5 car tailgaters are female.  he thinks it’s because our spatial reasoning skills are not as strong.  we drove quite a bit this weekend and found that his 4/5 statistic was pretty true.  do you tailgate?

{3} went garage and estate sale shopping on saturday, i came out with a mason jar, spool of pink yarn (that i plan on using for packaging), and a chair to go with my sewing table (i’ll be painting it white and reupholstering it hopefully someday…)

{4} i love groupon!  each day they feature something cool at an unbeatable price, if enough people buy it, then the deal is on!  i’ve gotten half off to chinese, indian, japanese, burger restaurants, spa mani/pedi, organic grocery delivery, and even boutique clothing stores!  i totally think you need to join in on the fun deals happening in your city!  🙂

{5}speaking of groupons, every time i go to an indian restaurant, i order chicken tikka masala and garlic naan, no fail.  last friday was no exception!  my husband was more of the adventurous one and  got this huge crepe like dish that was three times the size of his head – it was yums (the crepe, not his head)!

how was your weekend?  hope it was fab!