Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

monday already? whew! the weekend went by way too fast! mine was spent with my in-laws… where we did lots of eating, crafting, sewing, eating, cooking, house work, and did i say eating? also, if you visited my blog over the weekend you may have noticed it was down, apparently the server that hosts my site was affected by a venerability, eeks… luckily it’s back up now though! 🙂 hope you enjoy my randomness, friends!

{1} blogger meet-up

last week i met up with the beautiful blair from wild and precious in nashville! we had a delicious meal at wildhorse saloon and of course, no dinner in nashville would be complete without line dancing! then we went around town and took some silly photos, blogger meet-ups are the BEST! and she even baked me a scrumptious batch of oatmeal raisin cookies too, yum! thanks so much for taking me out blair, hope to see you again soon!

{2} mascara application

the other day when i went to a relative’s house, i saw a sephora makeup book and decided to peruse through it. here’s an interesting quote i read.

    “the reason women always open their mouths when applying mascara is because when your jaw drops, your eyes open”

    — Jean Ford

isn’t it sooo true? it sure is for me. raise your hand if you’re with me!

{3} popping boba on froyo

there’s about 20 froyo shops that have opened up around town this summer alone, one of the coolest toppings i’ve ever seen are these little lovelies… popping boba! when you bite down on these little bubbles, a fruity juice squirts out into your mouth, kinda like gushers but juicier… if any froyo shop owners are reading my blog, you need to invest in these! 🙂

{4} food to feed a family of eight

this past weekend my in-laws came to town and let me tell you, the word that could sum up our weekend is FOOD. here’s a rundown of all the leftovers we have in our fridge (from either homecooked or restaurant meals)… 3 cup chicken, green beans, blackened fish, green onion pancakes, salty duck, jia jiang mien, beef noodle soup, spicy salt tofu, pork buns, pork sung… anyone want to come over for dinner?