Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} i created something new for my etsy shop this weekend that i’m pretty excited about! they are felt bows with a fun center! 🙂 they are perfect for clipping to your hair or your favorite cardigan! i had a little photo shoot with my favorite one!

{2} typography is my new friend, errr, i mean tie-pography (via eat drink chic)

{3} i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. this getting dark at 5pm business is not cool! it means that i have to take pictures either early morning (and i am not a morning person) or weekends. daylight – please come back soon!!

{4} i ate a tomato soup cupcake at the art event i went to on friday! yes, you read that right! well, i think is pretty much tasted like carrot cake with a hint of tomato, it was yummy!

{5} this is  my favorite little red bush that is right next to our mailbox. the leaves are slowly falling off which means fall is coming to an end soon… 🙁

{6} there are two giveaways going on over here right now! one for s’mores and one for your choice of a calendar/personalized stationery! make sure you enter, friends!!

hope you have a wonderful week!