This past week the snowstorm that hit a few weeks ago has finally melted away, but I hear we’re in for another 6-14 inches tomorrow ahhh!  Just when you think the snow is done for the season…  People always say to me, “You grew up in Michigan, you should be used to snow”.  Well let me tell you, there is NO getting used to this fluffy stuff!  After months and months of warm weather and wearing dresses and flip flops, the cold just slaps you in the face day after day all winter!  The only two things I MAYBE like about the snow are:

1) Getting to wear cute boots, scarfs, earmuffs, hats, and gloves.
2) I GUESS it is sorta pretty and can make for good pictures?  Although taking pictures of snow ain’t easy as your camera tends to underexpose due to the brightness of it.

So just for you, I braved the cold a few weeks ago and captured some pictures of the snow around my house.  See how much I love y’all?  😉  And of course, Mr. Squirrel decided to make another appearance!

Hey you, Mr. Squirrel, trying to be sneaky…

You can’t see me, but I can see you, HA!

Mr. Squirrel is covered in snow, ain’t he adorable?  Linking this one up to Sweet Shot Tuesdays:

Sweet Shot Day

Acorn found!  So thankful he is still relieving of us of our acorn problem even with all that snow! 🙂

Mr. Squirrel even cleans up after himself and hangs the eaten acorns on branches! 😉

So much fluffy snow covered everything!

And mini icicles were seen all over.

I’m loving the contrast of the snow against the brick!

How is the winter weather in your neck of the woods?