Reasons I heart California:

1.  My parents, brother, SIL, nephew, fur-niece and soon-to-be niece live there.  They always feed me well whether it’s eating my favorite jja jiang mien noodles and cake or if it’s going out to get bubble tea.  This is when I flew in to surprise my Dad for his milestone birthday!


The Noodle Monster.

Eating with chopsticks or eating with hands, which do you prefer?

My mom’s jja jiang mien, SO GOOD!

Birthday cake, the Asian kind with super fluffy frosting, nom nom.

Sweet Shot Day

Whose birthday was it?  Oh yes, it was my Dad’s haha.

2. Finding cute cities around the Los Angeles area that aren’t full of traffic and smog.

A beautiful city hall.

Crazy amount of antique stores, YES!

My parents totally want this arch in their backyard!

And this is where we stayed.  😉  Well one of these is correct.

Loving the color scheme here.

What a cool faucet and TRIPLE shower head!

3. The plethora of wineries there are.  I could go wine tasting all day every day (photos taken by my Mom)

Are you a fan of California?  What do you love to do there?