dress: jessica simpson | shoes: target | necklace : in honor of design

To help the lovely Anna of In Honor of Design celebrate 1000 sales in her etsy shop and 2000 follower on her blog (totally not surprised b/c everything she does is amazing), in this outfit I am sporting the beautiful Craving Coral Necklace – Gold!  I love this necklace because of the color, length, and the design that the three beads make (kind of looks like a heart, don’t ya think?)

I’ve been pretty busy with work lately so today I’ll leave you with a fun list!  🙂

Things I’m Loving This Week:

1) Graeter’s Ice Cream (I won 6 pints on Mira Uncut’s giveaway)!

2) That the glamour shot studio that they went to on Bachelorette was the same one we got our wedding pictures taken at (go Sophia Ritz)!

3) Pickles and more pickles and making my own pickles.

4) Cupcakes (well I love these every week).

5) Having a clean house!

6) Getting paid to eat (woohoo mystery shopping).

7) All those who have voted on my “Guess The Baby’s Gender!” poll on the right sidebar.  Looks like it’s pretty split between boy and girl now.  Please vote if you haven’t already!

8) Long phone conversations with my parents and old friends!

9) Being home for a whole TWO WEEKS!

10) Google +?  Haven’t decided if I truly like it yet or if it will just be another time sucker.  Multi-video chat thing is pretty neat though.

What are you loving lately?