Dear Austin,

Whew, what a week it has been!  You had your first Valentine’s Day ever where you wore a super cute “My Aunt Is Totally Awesome” onesie with a Calikatrina bowtie, this made all three of your Aunts super happy!  Since last week was all about crying, this week has been about smiling and laughing.  So much so that for a whole day and night you were super awake (and mostly happy) and would hardly go to sleep, but then the whole next day and night you were pretty much sleeping.  Looks like you are still working on figuring out the difference between day and night and regulating your schedule.  That’s OK, we’re just here to be at your beck and call, you really are the King around our house but don’t let inflate your little ego too much, k?  😉

One thing we realized about you is that you LOVE looking up at things.  Your absolute FAVORITE thing to stare at as ceiling lights, ceiling lights with fans, especially.  We actually use it as our trick to calm you down when you’re being fussy, it seriously mesmerizes you just to look at lights!  We’ve also let you hang out on your new playmat and your crib which both have dangly toys that keep you occupied for quite some time.  Another place you like hanging out on is Mommy and Daddy’s bed, and especially with your stuffed animal sisters and brothers, Lulu, Bebe, Jojo and Koko!  They used to play with you a ton when you were inside my belly, remember?  So crazy that you’re well on your way to being a two month old.