Tank Top: Target | Zip Up Hoodie: JC Penney | Skirt Leggings: Yesstyle | Boots: Gap | Necklace: Melody Joy 1983 | Baby Onesie & Hat: Target

Being on maternity leave and all, there’s some days when I don’t even leave the house.  And on those days, I surely do not get dressed up in colored jeans, pumps, or any of those other outfits you’ve seen me wear.  But rather, I wear my “chill clothes” (term coined by moi), ya know, the clothes you wear for “chillaxing”.  Really?  Did I just say “chillaxing”?  Oh yes, I did.  They kind of have their own genre of fashion and I’ve discovered the latest trend for them – skirt leggings!  Say what?  How many times have you seen girls on the street wear leggings with a shirt that barely covers their bottom and all you want to say to them is that leggings are not a substitute for pants.  Well, their solution lies in skirt leggings, that’s right, it’s a skirt (that covers your bottom, duh) that’s attached to leggings.  I first saw this trend on Yesstyle and totally bought into it.  Or I guess you could just wear a skirt over your leggings… but hey, it’s faster to put on if it’s just one item.

What do you wear for chilling around the house?

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