Tank: Francesca’s | Shorts: Urban Outfitters {similar} | Shoes: Old Navy {similar} | Necklace c/o Conversation Pieces | Bracelets c/o Elladolce | Watch: Target {similar}

I might be showing my age here with the title of this post, but we’re going back, WAY back, to the 1980s.  Does anyone else remember the show Rainbow Brite?  It was one of those Saturday morning cartoons that I grew up watching and loving.  Basically, Wisp and the ColorKids are in charge of all the colors in Rainbowland.  They are taken to a Colorless World and must restore color back on Earth… or something like that.  Because seriously, without color, the world would be pretty boring, wouldn’t it?

In this outfit, I’ve got every color of the rainbow or at least some shade of ROYGBIV in some fashion or another.  I used the tank as a starting point and pulled out similar colors to use in my shorts, shoes and accessories.  I’m a modern day Rainbow Brite ready to share my love for color with the world.

Do you have a go-to rainbow colored outfit?  🙂