Here is a picture recap of our recent 4 day trip to Maui.  As you can tell there was a lot of eating.  I mean a lot.  As in I spent more time on Yelp than I ever have before.  One day for lunch, we went to 3 restaurants and ordered one small thing from each, fish taco, shrimp truck, poke, all in one meal.  Topped off with a chocolate macadamia pie and Queen Emma’s cake.  We also got to meet up with one of my first blogging buddies, elisharon, and her husband where we ate our faces off at Star Noodle and talked all about blogging and fashion and our future for 4 hours straight.  Marvin and I got to experience the “Mardi Gras of the West” by attending the Lahaina Halloween party and eating our favorite Unagi in the world.  Where I was too busy people watching to take pictures, oops.  The trip ended with my birthday, where we became masters at taking pictures of ourselves, shopped the adorable hippie town of Paia, and ate a fantabulous meal that was a serious taste of Hawaii.  Now if I could just transport myself back to Hawaii every weekend… that would be the life.

If you could pick a place to go every weekend, where would you go?