One of my new favorite salads of this Summer is a Spinach Beet Salad.  I don’t have exact measurements but I basically mixed spinach, roasted beets chopped in quarters, chopped (hard) goat cheese, toasted almonds and an oil based or vinaigrette dressing and DONE!  It took me many years to start loving beets, maybe it was an acquired taste type of thing kind of like wine. And this was the first time I’ve actually roasted them (about 1 hour at 450 degrees F) but I really loved the result.  No, this recipe wouldn’t work for those who love 10 minute meals, unless you use canned beets, then I supposed this could be like a 5 minute meal.  😉  I’ve been eating HORRIBLY on this vacation.  When I go home, I’ll probably be eating this salad and any other salad I can come up for a whole month straight.

What are your current fave salads?  If you can provide me links, all the better, pretty please! 🙂