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Thank you all for your sweet comments on my blog, IG, Twitter, Facebook about our Gender Reveal video for Baby #2!  (And if you missed it, you can check it out here.)  We first found out the gender of our baby #2 back when I was 16 weeks pregnant, which was actually back in March!  I had scheduled an early ultrasound / gender sonogram because I just couldn’t wait to find out.  My husband and I nervously (well maybe I was just nervous) waited in the waiting room until they called our name.  As we entered the ultrasound room, I was starting to get tense and breathed deep breaths.  The ultrasound tech even noticed how nervous I was.  She put the cold jelly on my belly and the ultrasound wand on it and within a matter of seconds, she said “Oh, it’s a little boy!”.  My mind didn’t even have time to settle and she had already told us what we were having.  I’ll be honest, I started to freak out, I really really really badly wanted a little girl, I’ve always dreamed of having a little girl to dress up and go shopping with.  And I uttered the words “Oh no!”  (In hindsight, that is not fair to the baby and I should be happy no matter what gender it is.)  But then the ultrasound tech flipped to a different view on the screen and started to say “Wait a second… I was wrong, it’s a girl.”  At that point, I didn’t know what to think.  How can she be messing with me like this all in a matter of seconds?!  Then she confirmed it, “It’s definitely a girl, the thing I saw earlier was probably the umbilical cord, but it’s for sure a girl.”  Which then I proceeded to say “Oh my gosh, no way, are you sure???” about a million and a half times (just ask the husband).  I had the ultrasound tech check all different angles and re-check and until she said she was “100% sure it was a girl.”

We left the room and I had excitement and disbelief all over my mind.  I wanted to schedule our little video/photo shoot for soon but kept getting nervous that the tech was wrong.  Some friends of mine who have had little girls before asked me if we say “3 white lines” and indeed we did not, which made me question the ultrasound even more.  I told a couple of people the gender at that point but didn’t really want to announce it widespread in case it was wrong!  So we did another ultrasound at 20 weeks and a different tech confirmed it was a girl and we saw the 3 white lines and I was finally able to scream and shout with excitement!!!  And then I was finally ready to schedule our video/photo shoot with the ever so talented Cassandra Castaneda Photography.

This pregnancy has seriously flown by and I can’t believe that I am almost entering my 3rd trimester already.  So far this pregnancy has been normal with no complications and I hope that it stays this way throughout.  I’ve gained 16 pounds so far (which has me on track for a 25-35 pound total weight gain), have my glucose test coming up (yucky), and will need to start at a new OB Gyn in Salt Lake City so that will be interesting.  My plan is to deliver baby #2 in the exact same hospital building that Marvin will be working in on a daily basis HA!

Life with a 2.5 year old just goes by so fast, coupled with the fact that we are moving in a few weeks, that life is literally SO crazy right now.  I don’t even have a second to sit down and relax and just enjoy my pregnancy and this growing little baby girl inside.  Every day, we have Austin kiss his “baby sister” good night before bedtime and he loves it.  He already knows what her name is and says it randomly (will reveal it later)!!!  I can’t wait for him to be a loving big brother and if you have any tips on how best to introduce a new baby into the family so that my first-born doesn’t get too jealous or upset, please let me know.