In the weeks leading up to our move to Utah, as I would start telling people from all over that we are moving there, the one thing almost everyone said is “Utah is beautiful,” or “I have never been there, but I heard it is beautiful.”  Having lived in places that were always pretty flat land, these Utah mountains really are BEAUTIFUL, so I guess everyone was right.  It’s amazing that this town I live in known is just surrounded by mountains, everywhere you go is scenic if you look to the left or right.  Last week, my parents came to visit us and helped us unpack some more.  We spent one morning driving through the mountains and found a little spot in the Wasatch Forest that had a little trail (not steep so great for a toddler) that led to a little creek.  We spent quite some time there taking pictures (duh!) and playing in the water before we had to head back for Austin’s nap time.  When we got to the water, my Dad didn’t hesitate and walked right into the water, stepping from rock to rock and he was happy as can be.  The worry wart in me just kept yelling, “Be careful, Dad, watch your step!”  But eventually, I made it in as well and the water was super cold but refreshing.  Just the sound of the rushing water is so peaceful and serene.  Fast forward a few days and once I got a chance to upload the photos on to my computer I sent a couple of these off to my parents.  And much to my delight, my Dad (who hardly ever emails, it’s usually my Mom) replied with this: “These are great pictures with beautiful surroundings, small bridge over rocky riverbed and crystal clear cold water stream.  It brought back my old childhood memory of when my family was in central Taiwan (Nantou) back in 1945,  just before World War II ended.”  There was is much nostalgia in this statement and it really explains the delight on my Dad’s face and curiosity to jump right into the water.  I am so excited to explore more of this beautiful city/state in the next few years while we are here!

If anyone has any must see spots in Utah or surrounding areas, please let me know!!  🙂