Thank you to Pamper’s Premium Care for inspiring today’s #MothersPromise post.

A Mother's Promise To Her Daughter

Raising a daughter in today’s society is a very tough and intense role. There’s pressures all around for our daughters to be strong, thin, attractive, perfect, smart and successful. Society has created these standards that are hard to live up to and often end up causing little girls self esteems issues that can scar them later down the road in life. Girls are entering puberty at a younger age, get bullied in school for all sorts of things and seriously look like adults sometimes when they are only pre-teens! All of this has gotten me thinking about a couple of mother’s promises that I want to make for my little Vivian as she grows up to be a toddler, child, pre-teen, teenager herself.

A Mother's Promise To Her Daughter Mommy and me Spring style

Vivian, my mother’s promise to you is to always allow your free spirit to roam. I want you to be able to explore the vast world on your own, but always know that home is a safe place. I want to make sure we teach you about street smarts and being safe, because there are dangers out there that could come unforeseen.

Family photo idea blowing bubbles

Mother's Promise with Pampers Premium Care

Vivian, my mother’s promise to you is to do my research and only use the best products for you. Whether it’s the stroller we use, your high chair, diapers, cups, crib, lotions, etc., I want you to have the very best. I want to be able to provide opportunities for you that your grandmother nor myself even had. One product that we’ve recently fallen in love with is Pampers Premium Care diapers which are available at Walmart. They provide 5 Star skin care, are hypoallergenic, have a wetness indicator, are breathable inside & out, and extra absorb channels. Especially for bedtime, which has lately been a struggle, we want you to be comfortable in your diaper and your bedroom.

Mom and baby girl A Mother's Promise To Her Daughter

Love with Food snacks

Vivian, my mother’s promise to you is to teach you to make healthier choices than I do. When you grow up, I want you to think of working out as something that’s good for your health. I want you grow up healthy and strong and be happy with your body. I don’t want you to stress about if you think your hips are too wide, legs are too chubby, none of it. Be happy with what your mama (and daddy) gave you and embrace it! 🙂

Mother and daughter dancing Family photo ideas

Vivian, my mother’s promise to you is to play with you, I promise to be PRESENT with you. All too often, as adults, we are glued to our phones, our computers, we have priorities that sometimes seem to be more important than our children. But I want you to remember me as a mother who plays with you, who jumps into the pool with you, who dances and sings with you.

A Mother's Promise To Her Daughter

Mommy and me style Mother playing with daughter

My outfit:

Dress: Piper and Scoot
Shoes: Talaria Flats
Bag: Lily Jade

Vivian’s outfit:

Leotard: Pistol and Arrow
Skirt: George & Fran
Shoes: Gracious May
Headband: Little Poppy Co


Mat: Gathre
Food: Love with Food
Toys: Little Sapling Toys

Photography by Lisa Miller Photography

Vivian, my mother’s promise to you is to do everything in my power to keep you safe, to cuddle with you when you are feeling sad, to wipe the tears from your face. I want to be the type of mother that you can share anything with. I want to be your favorite shopping buddy (I already do a crazy amount of shopping for you as it is, but can’t wait for your own fashion expression to evolve). Sometimes I may fail, or make you upset, and probably when you are a teenager you may want nothing to do with me, but Vivian, I promise to always be there for you and be your biggest cheerleader and best friend, always.