10 Reasons I Love Being A Minivan MomI remember back before we had kids, driving a minivan was totally out of the question. It was a thing for soccer moms, and I would never be one of those, right?? Well fast forward to 2 kids later and needing to upgrade my Volvo S40, the minivan kept popping into our discussions. Oh but the space, oh wow the automatic sliding doors and trunk, those were pretty intriguing features. But no, minivans were uncool and I didn’t want to be THAT mom. As the search continued though, I slowly began to see the light and next thing we knew, I was in the driver’s seat of a white minivan ready to take on the road. And let me tell you, once you minivan it, you can probably never go back… and here’s 10 reasons why I love being a minivan mom!!!

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  1. SO. MUCH. SPACE. Space to pack your whole house, space between me in the kids, you can’t deny it, minivans are big and spacious.
  2. Lots and lots of cup holders. 2 cup holders in the front, 2 cup holders in the middle console, 4 cup holders in the back, but seriously, it can hold all the sippy cups and coffee a mom could ever need, and more!
  3. Buttons galore. The use of buttons might be overkill, but I LOVE it. My kids can push a button and open the sliding door on their own. I can push a button for the trunk to automatically open and close. I can push more buttons to lock and unlock the car. You can even push buttons on the inside to open doors. I really love that my 5 year old can get in and out of the car by himself. And the trunk buttons are super handy when you have groceries in one hand and toddler in the other. 
  4. Changing station. And when I say changing station, I am referring to anyone who needs to change in the car. The coveted 3rd row seating is not only great for baby diaper changes because you can lay them out in the back while still sitting inside the car, but as a fashion blogger, well the back row has pretty much transformed into my dressing room as well.  But even not for my blog, I use the back to change from my work clothes to my gym clothes and back, etc. Of course, the fact that it has so much space means it tends to garner a week’s worth of clothes in the car at times…
  5. Party in the back. But also, the back can be used to carry all your friends and as a pre-gaming station. It can be used as a place to enjoy a quiet meal with your hubby when the kids are with the babysitter, you know.
  6. Good cargo space. Compared to an SUV, the minivans trunk space usually wins out. There’s plenty of room to hold multiple suit cases, and ours even has a lower area that is completely empty and able to fit anything you need, kid’s toys, jumparoo, everything.
  7. Everyone in one car. Another great thing about having so many seats (we have 7 in ours but I know some have 8), is that when my parents come into town and we want to go take them to the top of Little Cottonwood mountains, we can all fit in ONE car. 
  8. DVD player for the win. Well, I know this isn’t just for minivans, but our built-in DVD player has been a lifesaver for those long car rides. Good thing for us, our kids don’t ask for it every time we get in the car, but for any rides over 45 minutes, we’ll usually bust out Dora to do some entertaining so that we don’t have to while driving.
  9. Fits in the garage (and no door dings). And because of the sliding doors, you don’t have to worry about your kids dinging other cars in the parking lot when trying to open the door, because once they are able to open doors themselves, I swear that’s something you’d have to watch like on a windy day. Also, our garage is pretty small, like not wide, and it’s been great for being able to get in and out of the car in it.
  10. I know I’m cool. And lastly and most importantly, I’m confident in my minivan, I love it for all the reasons mentioned above, I have no shame and I know I’m undeniably cool when I’m on the road. 😉

10 Reasons I Love Being A Minivan Mom

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