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With the weather getting a little bit colder, it’s so easy to look towards doing more indoor activities. However, it’s also one of the prettiest times to go outdoors and explore. With the changing leaves on the trees, pumpkin patches galore, and all the pretty Fall scenery around, Utah is full of beauty this time of year. It has and will always continue to be a goal of mine to encourage my kids to go outside and play, whether it’s in our background or on a weekend hike, letting kids enjoy the outdoors is super important to their growth, health and well-being.  In a recent survey, Kamik found that nowadays, children participate in over 5-6 structured activities per week. Hence, there is hardly ever any time left to play freely, outside. In fact, children spend 30-35% less time playing outside than their parents did!! I think back to the times when I was growing up, without so much technology, and I want to allow my kids to be able to enjoy some of the same freedoms and care-free childhood.

Some of our favorite outdoor place to go in Utah for Fall and Winter are pumpkin patches, hikes through the various mountains and caves, parks, finding a pile of leaves to jump in, and soon enough Christmas tree farms. And was we get some snow, we can’t wait to build snowmen or find a small hill to sled down. We have been getting a lot of rain lately and snow will be here before we know it, so ensuring that my kids stay warm is pertinent as well. We absolutely love our Kamik boots for kids and adults alike as they keep our toes warm, but allow us to move freely.

I would love to hear what you and your kids do to #FreeYourPlay? I always love hearing about other activities that you let your kids do that really lets them be kids!!

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