Old Navy Try-On Session – January 2019

I’m back with an Old Navy try on! So excited that they finally got some new stuff in for the new year! This try on has lots of Winter to Spring transitional pieces!!

Sweater (S)  //  Jeans (4)  //  Scarf  //  Loafers (TTS)  // Phone case

Top (S)  //  Jeans (4)  //  Loafers (TTS)

Top (S – also loving this one!)  //  Jeans (4)  //  Loafers (TTS)

Top (S)  //  Jeans (4)  //  Loafers (TTS)

Top (S)  //  Jacket (XS)

Coat (XS in red – S in pink)  //  Left Top (S)  //  Right Top (S)  //  Jeans (4)  //  Mules (Size up half a size)  //  Loafers (TTS)

Gingham Shirt (S)  //  Hoodie (S – Grey is not available online yet)

Button Down (S)  //  Cardigan (S)  //  Jeans (8)  //  Loafers (TTS)

Button Down (S)  //  Cardigan (S)  //  Jeans (4)  //  Purse  //  Loafers (TTS)

Striped Tee (S)  //  Coat (XS)  //  Jeans (4)  //  Loafers (TTS)

Top (S)  //  Phone Case

Hoodie (S)  //  Denim Jacket (S) love this lighter version too!  //  Jeans (6)  //  Loafers (TTS)

Shop all Built-In Warm Jeans here!! The softest and warmest fabric on the inside!!

Hoodie (M)  //  Leggings (S)

Jumpsuit (S – Really wanted to try this one!)  //  Loafers (TTS)


  1. January 20, 2019 / 1:02 pm

    gosh! I haven’t been to ON in ages. The tie front tops with the stripes are adorable.

  2. Renee Smith
    January 21, 2019 / 8:32 am

    I love Old Navy and I love every outfit you tried! You looked great it it all!

  3. Becca
    February 26, 2019 / 11:50 am

    I have that last jumpsuit in the blue and it is THE BEST jumpsuit of all time!! So unbelievably comfortable, easily dressed up or down, I recommend it to everyone!! Just buy it!

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